non owner car insurance

Non-Owner Car Insurance

If you don’t own a car, but yet you find the need to drive, then non-owner car insurance is what you need.

Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Yes! Non-owner car insurance is a type of insurance coverage which protects people who don’t own a vehicle but drives one, from liability against bodily injury to other people and property damages. The price between a non-owner coverage compared to standard insurance coverage is very much lower. One can have this kind of car insurance for cost less than a thousand dollars or even a couple of hundred depending on how insurers would assess your insurance cost. The cost of non-owner car insurance is formulated by taking into account the amount of protection a client wants to have, to how often does he or she uses a vehicle, and to one’s driving history.

Basically, non-owner insurance is a form of vehicle liability insurance and therefore does not include coverage that pay for the policyholder’s injuries and damages to the car or vehicle he or she was driving. In other words, this type of insurance does not include other full coverage car insurance such as Collision, Comprehensive, Rental Reimbursement, and Towing Reimbursement.

Non-owner car insurance comes in handy for people who find themselves always behind the wheel of a rented car, or people who visits some place and drive other people’s car. As for renting cars, many would opt to just buy this car insurance from insurers other than what is being sold by rental companies, for the latter’s price are usually higher especially if you rent cars at long durations. Rental companies priced their non-owners insurance by day.
As to borrowing other people’s car, though you have your non-owners protection, their liability insurance coverage will still be of used. It is only after the owner’s minimum liability is reached that you are required to have the financial responsibility out of your non-owners policy. One important point to remember in having a non-owners policy is that this protection does not cover the event of theft to the car you are driving.

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