Getting Delaware Car Insurance when you have Speeding Tickets

Paying for car insurance with tickets in Delaware does not need to be expensive. Having a car insurance company which caters to those with tickets will make a huge difference in the monthly premium you will pay. There are a number of auto insurance carriers in the State of Delaware which address this issue. Knowing where to find it takes time.

Unfortunately, you will not find these rates with the Big Box Brand Companies like State Farm, Nationwide, Allstate and GEICO. If you are not an experienced consumer or have a car insurance agent who represents the right car insurance companies, finding an inexpensive monthly payment may prove to be very difficult.

The Delaware car insurance agents at have both the requisite experience and represent the car insurance carriers that cater to those seeking car insurance who have tickets and are likely paying much more than they should.

Probably every Delaware driver has had the experience of driving down the road and forgetting to watch how fast your car is moving. The next thing you know, a chill is running up your spine when you notice red and blue flashing lights have appeared in your rear view mirror.

The most common driving infraction on the streets, roads and highways today is when your vehicle has been observed moving faster than the posted Speed Limit, more commonly known as Speeding. The longest highway in the State of Delaware is Rt 13. Delaware Rt. 13 runs North – South the entire length of the state. Route 13 provides a number of Delaware municipal and the Delaware State Police 125 Miles of opportunity to issue speeding tickets. Once you are pulled over and receive a ticket, you start thinking about all the ramifications of what has just occurred. Besides receiving a ticket for speeding and paying the resultant fine, the second most common “punishment” (unless you are 16 and your parents are going to ground you for the next month) is an increase in your car insurance bill.

The price of Delaware car insurance with tickets can be determined by a number of factors. The first item carriers consider when it comes to surcharges is the number of tickets you have received in the past 36 months. 36 Months or 3 years is commonly known to all car insurance professionals as a driver’s “car insurance experience period.”

Three years is the most common “experience period” among all Delaware auto insurance, although  a few special auto insurance carriers that have a car insurance experience period of less than 3 years. The agents at represent a few of these insurance carriers where the “car insurance experience period” is calculated at less than 3 years.

Further; if you have any Delaware accidents, tickets, or violations — including a DUI which is close to falling off your record (but not before your upcoming car insurance renewal date) — give us a call at (800) 807-0762. We will make a call to our car insurance carriers and see if an exception can be made on your behalf. There’s no reason you should pay more for your car insurance when one of our carriers may insure you for much less. also represents a number of Delaware car insurance companies which are forgiving when it comes to receiving only a single speeding ticket or minor violation. That means, although you have car insurance with a ticket for speeding, the car insurance carrier will not assign any car insurance points to your monthly payment. One ticket for speeding (traveling less than 20 miles an hour over the posted speed limit) is considered by most of our car insurance companies as a minor violation.

Delaware Car insurance carriers are generally less forgiving when you have two or more tickets or tickets along with a major violation. As mentioned earlier about a speeding ticket for traveling less than 20 miles per hour over the posted Speed Limit; this is considered a Minor infraction. If you were stopped for traveling 20 Miles per hour over the posted Speed limit, your car insurance company would consider this a Major Violation, which carries a substantial surcharge.

To give you an idea how most Delaware preferred car insurance carriers view speeding tickets of over 20 miles per hour above the posted limit, a DUI is also considered a Major Violation. Both car insurance tickets may result in your carrier dropping your car insurance.