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Category Archives: Health Insurance

Medical Index Shows Health Care Costs Up By More Than 50 percent

The Milliman Medical Index publication released in May, 2011  indicated that annual health care costs has increased by more than 50 percent since 2002. The publication further indicated that  financing health care is nearly 8% percent more expensive today than it was last year. Of greater concern is the fact that in just under a decade, the… Continue Reading

Billions Of Dollars Lost In Form Of Insurance Claims Due To Errors

 The American Medical Association (AMA) has discovered significant errors in payments of insurance claims according to their latest National Health Insurer Report Card which was  release yearly. In their report, the AMA estimated health insurance carriers pay 20 percent more –about $17 billion –in claims as a result of errors. 2011 has seen the error rate… Continue Reading

Three Dates Set For PA’s Health Exchange Program Discussions

Three forums are set to be held in August by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department in a bid to get public opinion on health insurance exchanges. Different locations have been set across the state where the forums will take place. The first one slated for Aug 9 at the Doubletree Hotel Pittsburgh Monroeville Convention Center in downtown Monroeville, Pa. This… Continue Reading

Loophole on Health Insurance Exchanges: Authorities to Act

Although primarily focuses it’s marketing efforts on Online/Direct Car Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance and Homeowners/Renters Insurance Products; as it’s company’s President and Managing Agent, I feel it’s vital I discuss topics which would be of interest to a broader base of insurance buyers.  This article is a perfect example of this.  In the latest… Continue Reading

Why You Must Have Health Coverage In Pennsylvania

The health rankings for Pennsylvania by the United Health Foundation paint a bleak picture. Air pollution in the keystone state registered at 13.3 micrograms of fine particulate per cubic meter. This represents astonishing levels of pollution in comparison with other states. If that has not made you call your local insurance provider, then consider the… Continue Reading

HHS Okays Iowa’s External Review Process

Reports from Des Moines state that the Department of Health and Human Services recently notified the state’s insurance division that its External Review process meets the standards set by the federal Affordable Care Act. Iowa’s External Review was enacted in 2000 from a National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) model and has always been consistent with… Continue Reading

Getting Homeowners, Health, Life and Car Insurance  In One Package

Getting Homeowners, Health, Life and Car Insurance In One Package

No one can accurately tell the day when insurance of everything you own became a necessary condition of life. We suddenly found ourselves in a world where purchasing insurance policies for our homes, health, life, and cars are essential, and sometimes compulsory, requirements. However, it is all for a good cause. Today, homeowners insurance is not… Continue Reading

Visit us on Facebook!

Visit us on Facebook!

Yesterday Twitter, and today, Facebook! You can read Mike’s Dortch’s opinions and advice on auto, homeowner’s, renter’s, health, and other kinds of insurance for individuals, families and businesses on InsureDirect’s Facebook page. Licensed for nearly two decades, Mike holds a Property & Casualty and Life & Health in every US State. Visit our Facebook Page or  and… Continue Reading

Home and Auto Insurance Info

Home and Auto Insurance Info

Funny thing. I didn’t think I’d been blogging about insurance for that long, so it took me by surprise to see how many posts I’ve accumulated. Below you’ll find links to some of the most interesting ideas, information, and opinions about car insurance, homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance that I, the managers, agents, customer support… Continue Reading