Homeowners Insurance Claims /Cooking Fires Reach #1

Homeowners Insurance ClaimsPost Date February 8, 2014 – A recent Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Claims Study shows cooking fires cause the majority of homeowners insurance claims.  These homeowners Insurance claims are among the most frequent and most expensive repairs. The study shows homeowners insurance claims from cooking fires average  a final cost of more than $29,000 per claim incident.  This more than 4 times more than the next most expensive homeowners insurance claim which is weather related and break in.

Homeowners Insurance Claims because of cooking fires can be avoided.

Nationwide Insurance Company COO and the President of Nationwide Insurance company announced that fires caused by cooking comprised 17% of all their claims of all homeowners insurance claims last year. According to Nationwide Insurance Company, the months with most kitchen fires is in the month of March.  These are followed by the months of April, December, October and May. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) showed that one in every 25 homes have experienced a cooking fire in the last 10 years.  An estimated number of 156,400 home fires that were reported in 2013.

These homeowners insurance claims associated with fire incidents also had a human cost. Over 400 individuals died and over 5,000 individual injury. The cost of property damage amounted to nearly one billion dollars.  To prevent cooking fires and the homeowners insurance claims associated with them,  any insurance company must advise homeowners not to leave their cook top area unattended.  Things easily catch fire close to heat source like a stove burner. To ensure cooking appliances are safely utilized, homeowners should always keep close attention when cooking. Residents need to always have functioning smoke alarms and to have a fire escape plan.

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