Homeowners Insurance Coverage Vital For College Students Dorm Rooms

College Dorm RoomPost Date September 7, 2012 – As the beaches become less crowed  as the end of summer comes to a close; parents all over the commonwealth have education on their minds.  Moms and Dads all over the state are packing up their teens up and taking them to colleges and universities all over the State of Pennsylvania.  Along with students now flocking back to their classes for a new academic year, it’s vital  parents make an inventory of all the items in their dorm room for insurance purposes. Homeowners Insurance Coverage which covers personal property is a must.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage vital for students away at school

All students in the 21st century have very costly personal possessions. These personal possessions or personal property should be itemized.  It’s important parents contact their insurance agents to check and see if these items are all covered under their homeowners insurance coverage. Some Homeowners Insurance Coverage have limitations for student’s belongings such as computers, cell phones and other expensive electronic equipment while away at school. Most insurance agents like myself will recommend that if  a parents Homeowners Insurance Coverage limits are too low, they can raise their limits or buy special personal property coverage for those items. If the agent whom handles your Homeowners Insurance Coverage does not offer that type of coverage, ask your students Resident Assistant (RA) or Housing Coordinator about obtaining this coverage.  If a parent lives in an apartment and maintains a Renters Insurance Policy, usually the student personal property is coverage just like Homeowners Insurance Coverage.  If a parent does not have Renters Insurance Coverage, you can obtain coverage for as little as $10.00 a month.  A Renters Insurance Policy will not only cover a student’s computer, cell phone, refrigerator and stereo be covered – their books, clothing and personal liability will be covered as well.  It will also cover theft, vandalism, fire and other natural disasters.


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