Homeowners Insurance In Louisiana Has Been Granted A New Allie

Louisianna Emergency Rule 26Post Date September 11, 2012 – Homeowners Insurance In Louisiana is really no different that Homeowners Insurance in other US States.  Louisiana Insurance Department Chief, Mr. Jim Donelon, Enacted  “Emergency Rule 26” which  provides financial protection and help to customers of Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana.  Rule 26 was enacted last week on September 4th.  Since it was obvious to Mr. Dolen many consumers of Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana  were financially effected during  the aftermath of hurricane Isaac’s.  Emergency Rule 26 is to provide protection to Louisiana residents affected by natural disasters.  Rule 26 was immediate;y authorized by Governor Bobby Jindal through an Executive Order.   BJ 2012-16 granting the Department of Insurance temporary authority to create and enforce these Emergency Rules.

Homeowners Insurance In Louisiana

Emergency insurance rule 26 is to assist displaced policyholders due to a hurricane or natural disaster.   Besides the assistance provided to policyholders of Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana,  residents will have access to the coverages provided by their health insurance policies for emergency treatment regardless if the care is provided by an out-of-network provider. Emergency rule 26 would also help those Homeowners Insurance policyholders who have not made their premium Insurance Payment on or before August 26, 2012.  Customers whom maintained Homeowners Insurance in Louisiana would be provided with a premium payment extension  to pay the premium due.  Bottom Line, homeowners would have a 30 day extension to make their August payment until September 25, 2012.  Homeowners Insurance Companies have been put on notice these customers needing the assistance provided by Rule 26 can expect no consequences of making late payments such as late fees, cancellation or non-renewal of their homeowners insurance in Louisiana.  Emergency Rule 26 also ensures no insurance company can cancel or non-renew a policy as a result of filing a claim because of  Hurricane Isaac.  If you have any questions regarding Emergency Rule 26, please feel free to call me at (800) 807-0762 ext 206.


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