Homeowners Insurance In NJ Will Cover Theft

Post Date August 13, 2012 – Wayne New Jersey Police arrested two Hackensack, NJ men who are believed to have committed  a string of home burglaries.  New Jersey Authorities identified the two men as Jarrett Bruce and Sherrod Stewart.  Both  men are 28 years old and residents of  Hackensack, New Jersey. The two were believed to be among a group of four men who ran from a Wayne police officer who inquired what they were doing in the neighborhood of  Diorio Court and Fairpark Place in June.  The owners of those homes were forced to file Homeowners Insurance Claims with their respective Homeowners Insurance Companies.


Homeowners Insurance Covers Burglary

Regardless of the Homeowners Insurance Company, the Homeowners Insurance Form approved for sale in the State of New Jersey covers the theft of personal property.  It coverage your personal property regardless where you are in the world. If any personal property such as a cell phone or notebook computer,  is stolen out of your car – auto insurance will not cover you claim.  Auto insurance only covers your car and liability claims as a result of negligence.  Your Homeowners Insurance or Renters Insurance Policy would cover personal property stolen from your car.

Homeowners Insurance In NJ

As the suspects fled the scene, their vehicle slammed into a police car.  With the suspects car partly disabled,  the men obviously thought the would have a hard time maneuvering their vehicle.  The suspects then fled on foot which resulted in a large-scale police manhunt. K-9 units were called in  to help  with the search which lasted through the night until the two were caught the following  morning. The other two suspects have not been found nor have the other two men identified who they are. Wayne NJ Police charged both Bruce and Stewart  with burglary. In the recent weeks, both Passaic and Bergen counties has been hit hard by a series of  home burglaries. Authorities advise residents should be vigilant about any suspicious activities.


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