Homeowners Insurance Payments Appears To Be Fraud

Homeowners Insurance Payments Appears To Be Fraud

Homeowners Insurance Fraud

Post Date August 6, 2012 –  A  South Carolina man was arrested and charged with mail and homeowners insurance fraud. The man was identified as Gerald Hardin who faced indictment on six counts of criminal charges. It was alleged that Hardin  together with another person intentionally cut-off the hand of another participant with  a pole saw.  A Pole Saw is a small type of chainsaw which is used to trim tree branches. The names of the other persons involved in the scheme to defraud a  Homeowners insurance company were not identified on the indictment.

 Homeowners Insurance Payments

After the man mans hand was intentionally cut with the pole saw, the three then submitted claims on a homeowner’s insurance policy and  three separate accidental death and dismemberment policies which added up to a total of over $671,000. Hardin recently appeared in federal court a few months ago and is being held for a bond of $100,000. The homeowners insurance fraud case which is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The prosecution was assigned to Assistant US Attorney Dean Eichelberger. Homeowners Insurance like car insurance fraud is considered a very serious crime. Every time a fraudulent claim is paid; it affects every household. Fraud claims are one of the major contributors to the increase of homeowners insurance and car insurance costs.


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