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Category Archives: Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Claims From Sandy Nearly Closed

Post Date April 29, 2013 – Data gathered from the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, New Jersey Insurance Department, and New York Insurance Department  indicated nearly 95 % of the homeowners Insurance claims from Superstorm Sandy are now closed and resolved.  The data which is updated regularly collects information from all the major homeowners insurance carriers which… Continue Reading

Homeowners Insurance Company Scam Uncovered

Post Date April 26, 2013 – A lawsuit was filed recently against State Auto Insurance Company saying the Homeowners insurance company is charging for phantom Homeowners Insurance Rates to it’s customers.  A Homeowners Insurance customer in Kentucky filed a lawsuit siting that his Homeowners Insurance Company has been illegally raising his homeowners rates.  The Homeowners Insurance… Continue Reading

NJ Homeowners Insurance Carriers Praised

Post Date  April 13, 2013 – The New Jersey Banking and Insurance Commission just praised the mortgage lending community in the state New Jersey.   The Insurance Commission has included community banks, national banks and mortgage service companies. The reason for the high praise is the unusually fast release of  NJ Homeowners insurance proceeds from… Continue Reading

Car Insurance Rates Studied

Post Date  February 11, 2013 – Auto insurance industry players are up against the recent car insurance rates study released by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), saying that their study is flawed.  The car insurance rates studied were released by the consumer advocacy group based in Washington D.C. in the last week of January… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance In Pennsylvania Increases As Fraud Spikes

Post Date February 9, 2012 – The Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority (IFPA) had reported recently that the number of fraud cases which effected auto insurance in Pennsylvania increased last year, hitting a new yearly high.  In 2012, there are over 3000 cases of insurance fraud covering different lines of insurance including auto insurance in… Continue Reading

Unpaid Insurance Claims In NJ – Still A Problem

Post Date February 4, 2013 – New Jersey Homeowners Insurance Company Claim Departments are still plagued with unpaid insurance claims.  Sadly; the majority of the unpaid insurance claims are from damage produced from Superstorm Sandy.  Both state officials and those customers with unpaid insurance claims would like it if the process sped up.  Aside from… Continue Reading

Unlicensed Insurance Agents Sell Insurance Illegally

Post Date January 27, 2012 – Law enforcement all over the United States are dealing with the issue issue of unlicensed insurance agents and websites selling insurance products. Sadly; this is a subject which I have Blogged about time and time again.  Florida is the latest state to come down hard on the unlicensed insurance charlatans. Florida… Continue Reading

New York Insurance Losses For Storm will Reach $33 Billion

Post Date  January 14, 2013 – That financial damage incurred from Superstorm Sandy will cost the state of New York about $33 Billion. With a budget of $132 billion a year, New York Insurance damage losses of 33 Billion dollars will most likely bankrupt the state if the federal government does not chip in. The… Continue Reading

New Jersey Insurance Claims Eclipse $1 Billion

Post Date January 10, 2013 – One of the nations largest Auto and Homeowners Insurance, Allstate Insurance Company , suffered one of the highest single states claims months in the company’s history. The State of New Jersey Insurance Claims from Super Storm Sandy has recorded losses over one billion dollars. The expected New Jersey Insurance… Continue Reading

NJ Insurance Claims And Public Adjusters – Where’s the Benefit?

Post Date January 8, 2012 – Disasters resulting in NJ Insurance Claims can strike anywhere and anytime.  Of course this is exactly what has happened with Super Storm Sandy which cost several states, including the State of New Jersey billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands people forced to endure property damage, destroyed homes and… Continue Reading