How to Control Your Auto Insurance Rates

On Sunday; one of my New Jersey Auto Insurance clients was involved in an auto accident.  Although my client was not ticketed or speeding or driving carelessly, her car slid off the road and into a guard rail while going around a wet curve. After she filed her auto insurance claim with Progressive Insurance Company; she stopped by Southeastern PA office to pay her bill and discuss a matter which was upsetting her.  I asked if I could see the car before taking it to the Body Shop. Beyond the damage to the car; she lost her engagement ring while changing the tire which blew out during the accident.  She shared she was very upset because the Progressive Claim Rep said her ring was not covered under her auto policy. She said I specifically told her the ring would be covered for loss. I explained to her that was true, the ring was covered under her Renters Policy and not her auto policy. The reason the Progressive Insurance Company Claims Adjuster to her it was not covered, was because they were not aware of your Travelers Insurance Renters Policy which covered the ring.  Since we had scheduled the diamond ring under that policy, it would be very easy to have the claim filed and paid fairly quickly.

After we walked outside to the parking lot; I immediately noticed two items which really concerned me. First and foremost, the tread on the front tires was very low.  Although they were not exactly bald, I would never allow my tires to get that low and drive a car with such little tire tread. Further; I doubt the car would pass PA State Inspection.  On the other hand, the rear tires appeared to be new. They still had the paper stickers on the tread.  I asked Lindsey about it and she told me she had just bought the rear tires and her Fiance installed them for her.  I asked her why he installed the new tires on the back and not the front.  Her boyfriend said it was better because the car was a rear wheel drive car.  Although I was not trying to tension between the two; I explained to her how silly that theory was. I asked how long her fiance was an auto mechanic.  She said he’s not, he’s in construction.  He borrowed his friend’s garage bay to put on the tires.  I told her regardless if you have a rear wheel car or not, if you buy only two new tires, you should always install the tires with the best tread on the front. It’s always better to have more control than rear traction (if you must make a financial choice).  In fact, I said the car insurance claim she just filed and the increase in her auto insurance rates may have been avoided if she did not receive such poor advice.

When it comes to your car insurance and car insurance claims, some auto accident and claims may be avoided by just keeping your car maintained and in good repair. Even though I feel the advice about Lindsey’s Tires was good – if you have any questions regarding your car and your cars maintenance and repair, always consult a professional auto service technician. Although I’m sure Lindsey’s fiance’ heart was in the right place, the accident could have been worse than a dented body and a $500.00 Auto Insurance Deductible.


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