How Do Insurance Companies Identify High Risk Drivers?

The inherent risk of driving without auto insurance coverage is ever present while you are on the road. The total number of automobile accidents and fatalities has been on the increase in most States. Due to this, all drivers are legally required to possess auto accident liability insurance for their registered vehicles. Car accidents vary in degree and intensity. Minor ones may entail a mere fender-bender with slight or no bruises to the drivers. Unfortunate accidents on the other hand can take a turn for the worse. Fatalities or permanent injuries sustained by drivers and occupants of the vehicles during an accident can leave you in a financial state of bankruptcy. However, if you have sufficient liability coverage in the form of car insurance, there is little to worry about in case of any unfortunate incident.

It is not only risky to drive an uninsured car, but also illegal. Drivers must possess auto insurance liability coverage according to the stipulations set forth by your States Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). This ensures that in case you are liable for an auto accident, there is no problem settling both medical bills and property damage with the other driver. You are also accountable for any damages to public property or other items destroyed during the accident.

Both Direct auto insurance carriers and those whom use independent agents usually decide on the cost of insurance policies based on risk. They assess individual drivers in order to determine individual level of risk on the road. Auto insurance companies are no different than any other business. Both direct car insurance companies and auto insurance carriers whom use agents and brokers are in business to make money. Hence, a high risk auto insurance client becomes more costly to insure than a low risk one. In fact, high risk drivers face a more difficult task to find auto insurance since many preferred insurers like Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, GEICO and Erie Insurance companies directly reject such high risk applicants.

So what makes you a high risk driver and how can you find appropriate, reasonably priced direct auto insurance for your vehicle?

The first thing online car insurance companies refer to is your personal Driving History. If you have any reports of at-fault auto accidents, you automatically fall into the high risk category. Involvement in car accidents is always bound to haunt you in the future. Even though you might not have been culpable but were involved in several accidents in the past, you are still classified as a high risk driver. It’s sad, but I receive calls everyday from those cancelled from their auto insurance company because of to many not at fault accidents.

Another factor that makes you a high risk driver is the number of paid or unpaid traffic law violations under your name. Most people tend to ignore tickets, but they stick on your driving record for three to five years.  The moment you are in need of direct car insurance, the paper trail will lead back to your current driving record.  The risk of driving without insurance coverage also puts you in the high risk category. Online auto insurance companies normally check for gaps in your vehicle insurance records. So, if you ever driven around without any auto insurance, you are automatically designated as a high risk driver.

Now, you have a choice.  You can either insure your car with another carrier or you can come to and be on the path back to preferred auto insurance.  We don’t just stick you with an auto insurance carrier and forget you. You are placed in a low cost auto insurance plan  to clean up you auto insurance record and finally place you with one of our preferred carriers.

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