Hurricane Insurance Claims Overwhelm Both Agents & Adjusters

Hurricane Sandy Insurance ClaimsPost Date November 10, 2012 – It’s been a very difficult few weeks for the residents of the northeast. Aside from the billions of property damage, Hurricane Sandy also killed 119 people. Luckily for the customers of, we have had no reports of any deaths.  On the other hand, many of my Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey Shore customers have suffered losses resulting in Hurricane Insurance Claims in the hundreds and thousands of dollars. Damage to our customers homes include being totally destroyed and uninhabitable to minor flood damage to carpets, drywall and furniture.  Since we insure thousands of vehicles in these same states, many hurricane insurance claims report flooded cars beyond repair and others which washed away found blocks from our customers home.

300,000 Hurricane Insurance Claims filed as a result of Sandy

With the enormous amount of damage that the storm has left, insurance companies are faced with thousands of hurricane insurance claims each day. The number continues to grow when folks discover damage they were not aware of. After Sandy made land-fall, hurricane insurance claims have already reached to more than 300,000. One insurer alone had logged 50,000 hurricane insurance claims on November 1st alone. With this magnitude of hurricane insurance claims, insurance adjusters have their hands full which has resulted in weeks of backed up claims handling. still has customers which have not seen an adjuster.  Many of these adjusters are doing their best to see those whom have been effected the worst.  Many policyholders might have to wait longer as most insurance companies are slammed with claims from the heaviest affected areas in North Jersey and New York.  Many insurance companies are sending their adjusters to the most damaged homes. Their priority is to those homeowners whose homes have become uninhabitable so they can get emergency funds to rent a home, apartment or even just a hotel to sleep.

If you presently have a claim which has not been adjusted by your Homeowners Carrier, access your damage. Keep in mind your insurance carrier wants to take care of your claim.  They may be unable at this point because of the stress on the total claims system.  If you have an emergency, let your insurance carrier know.  If you can wait while others in need have their claim attended too, please have patients.


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