Hurricane Sandy Takes It’s Toll on Thousands Of Boats

Hurricane Sandy Destroys Thousands Of BoatsPost Date November 19, 2012 – The United States Boat Owner’s Association announced last week more than 70,000 power boats, sail boats and jet ski’s were either damaged or sunk when Hurricane Sandy his the east coast two weeks ago. Hurricane Sandy and the winds it brought to New Jersey, New York and the other states hit the boating industry like a sledge-hammer. Insurance industry insiders have described Hurricane Sandy as the single-largest insurance industry loss in nearly 20 years. Watercraft destroyed by Hurricane Sandy have already reached $650 million dollars.

Hurricane Sandy destroys over 70,000 boats

Hurricane Sandy forced thousands of motor boats and sail boats to wash up on beaches, residential areas, streets and highways. Boats which were stored in marinas have become inoperable because of all the debris which washed in to the boats hauls.  Marina’s and Slip Docks in on the coast of New Jersey and Staten Island suffered the greatest amount of damage of all the east coast states. The estimated damage from Hurricane Sandy in the coastal areas New York has now reported the greatest number of watercraft damage. The amount of damaged boats in New York is over 32,000. In second place is the coastal areas of the of New Jersey.  Over 25,000 Sail and Power Boats were lost or damaged in the Garden State.  Hurricane Sandy logged the 3rd largest amount of damaged in Connecticut with 2,500 watercraft lost.

The association through its Marine Insurance Program is looking into the storm’s aftermath as to assess how it had affected recreational boats in order to come up with a much sturdier boat damage prevention measures.  One interesting item revealed an early sign shows that boats being kept on floating docks supported with tall pilings had the best chance of surviving a storm the size and scope of Hurricane Sandy.


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