Illinois Auto Insurance For Young Drivers

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Securing a driver’s license is not the only requirement for Illinois young drivers to drive legally. Each driver in the state is also required to have the required Illinois auto insurance.

State law requires that each driver must carry the required Illinois auto insurance before one can drive, and proof of such insurance which is the insurance card must be readily available when asked by authorities. Without having an insurance policy or by driving without your insurance card, you are exposing yourself to possible penalties.

But how can you as a young driver be able to have Illinois auto insurance? You as a young driver have many options which you might like to choose. You can choose to buy your own auto insurance policy. Or your parents may add you on their policy – which is the easiest and cheapest way to get yourself insured. It is either they add you in their policy or they add your vehicle as one of the insured vehicles in their policy. Either way, your parents’ premiums will increase.

Young drivers due to their lack of driving experience and their nature to be much more aggressive are prone to accidents. Thus, they are being considered by insurers to be high-risk. Due to this, most insurance companies charge higher premiums in insuring students or young drivers.

What coverage are required for young drivers?
Drivers in the state of Illinois, whether old or young, are required to have the mandatory liability coverage that includes Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage. Liability coverage will have your insurer pay for the liabilities which include injuries that you have caused to other persons while operating an insured vehicle. This coverage will also pay for costs of your legal defense in the case when you are being sued due to the accident.Property Damage will pay for the damages you have caused to other person’s properties.

The minimum required amount for Illinois auto insurance coverage on Bodily Injury Liability is set at $20,000 per person per accident, and $40,000 for all persons per accident, while for Property Damage, the minimum amount of coverage is set at $15,000 per accident.

To know in particular how much it will cost you to have Illinois auto insurance coverage for young drivers, you may call toll-free number, 1-800-807-0762.