Important Changes To Alaska Insurance Laws

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Recentlythe passage of SCS CSHB 164 (L&C) in the 27th Legislature, statutory changes in the Alaska insurance code affected all insurance providers, effective 1st of July, 2011.

For all insurers, the new laws do not require a certificate of authority for insurers that cover Alaska residents under policies issued in another state. This applies if the laws of the other state apply to Alaska residents, and if the insurer complies with other requirements that may be adopted as the state’s insurance requires. All licensed insurers are also required to submit changes to the electronic mailing address within 90 days after a change, as well as mailing and telephone numbers.

Domestic insurers are also affected by the changes, where “The amount of trust reinsurer assets required to be in a trust to allow recording of a credit for reinsurance for an Alaska domestic insurer is limited to the valid claims of the reinsurer’s United States domiciled ceding insurers (AS 21.12.020(a)).

Health insurers in Alaska, including hospital and medical service corporations, are now required to provide a written notice to their clients at least 45 days before the effective date of cancellation of coverage, coverage changes and premium changes. However, this does not affect health care insurance plans since they are guaranteed renewable and subject to other sections of the Alaska insurance laws.

Life and annuity insurers also have some changes to their basic provisions as well. Standard provisions now include at least 10 days return guarantee for all premium paid for non variable contracts, and return for all premium, fees, charges and interest or investment returns on the premiums for variable contracts.

Long term care insurance statutes are now required to be consistent with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Long Term Care models. These regulations apply to premium rates and filing requirements, penalties, reporting practices and several other long term care insurance procedures.

Alaska citizens should be well aware of the changes to insurance laws as they affect their rights to returns and information from their insurance providers. Any questions and inquiries can be referred to the Alaska Division of Insurance in Juneau and Anchorage.® represents the nation’s top 30 auto insurance carriers and can provide you with the closest to a guarantee of saving you the most money on all your insurance needs. and is the only Federally Trademarked Nationally Licensed Insurance Agency  of the same name on the World Wide Web. can save you up to $550.00 or more on your annual auto insurance bill.  Regardless if you have a perfect driving record or you have accidents, tickets, violations, DUI or DWI; we hundreds of car insurance options to save you money.  For those whom have been hit hard by our economy; ask us about our money saving Down Payments as low as $47.20 depending on your state.