Insurance Companies is one of the oldest online insurance agencies in the country and on the World Wide Web. It has been representing many types of Insurance Companies since its parent company’s founding in 1992.

In the Insurance industry; there are two primary sets of state insurance licenses which apply to insurance companies.

Life & Health Insurance

Everyone seems to know the Life & Health Insurance Companies, since the Life Insurance agents that sell them generate the majority of their new business by a heavy campaign of soliciting you at your home or work. The license is known by the type of insurance companies they represent; Life & Health.

Property & Casualty Insurance

The other type of license is not readily known or recognized by its proper legal name; Property & Casualty. Property and casualty licensed Insurance Companies and agents sell many of the insurance products which are required by both State and Federal Law. maintains both types of insurance licenses and represents both types of insurance companies. The first two Life Insurance Companies which were represented by our agents or our parent company were American National & Federal Life Insurance Companies. The first two Health Insurance Companies were Aetna and Independents Blue Cross. proudly represents more than 30 Property & Casualty Insurance Companies. Among our most successful Insurance Companies; Progressive, Travelers, Infinity, Encompass, Farmers are part of a list of insurance companies has proudly represented for nearly two decades.