InsureDirect Offers It’s Car Insurance Customers “Snap Shot”

Progressive Auto Insurance is available at  Both myself and my Car Insurance Agents have represented the Mayfield Heights, Ohio Insurance carrier since 1993.  Their Pennsylvania based management team has always been very supportive of our PA Independent Agent channel and we consider Progressive Insurance Company one of the most important Property & Casualty carriers in our auto insurance carrier inventory.

Starting in 1993, we started marketing Progressive auto insurance products in the state of Pennsylvania, over the next few years we opened Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. Progressive has always been innovative in their thinking and has shared those innovations with their agent’s. A recent Progressive Insurance Company innovation is the introduction of their money-saving program called, “Snapshot”.

Snapshot is a small device which is place installed is your car. customers could save as much as 30 % off their auto insurance monthly payment if they show a consistancy of good driving habits. Those customers whom enroll in this program will automatically saving about $150 per year just for qualifying for the Progressive Program.

So Mike; how does Snap Shot work?

After an client enrolls in the Progressive Snapshot program, their Cleveland, Ohio office will mail the the ‘Snap Shot” device which fits in the palm of your hand.  It plugs into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port of  your car, truck or SUV. “Snap Shot” then records and sends your daily driving information to a receiver located in Progressive’s Home Office in Cleveland, Ohio.

After the data is reviewed in approximately 30 days, customers will find out if they’re eligible for a discount – up to 30 percent – based on their driving habits and will see that discount applied to their Car Insurance Policy. People who drive less, in safer ways and during safer times of day are more likely to get a discount. At the end of the six-month policy term we determine the renewal discount and the customer returns the device to us. We may periodically check in with customers to get an updated picture of their driving by asking them to plug-in the device again.

Other Facts

The Snapshot program is available to all Pennsylvania drivers who buy  their auto insurance policies from Progressive.

Customers can log in to their Auto Insurance policy on during the 6 month period the device is plugged in to see how their driving habits affect their premium, and, if they want, make changes that could lead to much bigger savings. Progressive Customers will also see if they are on elegible for a portion of the discount after 30 days.

Progressive Snapshot is a voluntary program and customers can opt out when ever the want. Removing the Snapshot unit will not cause your auto insurance premium to increase.

Snapshot is yet another Progressive “first,” reflecting the company’s long standing culture of innovation and superior customer service. Among its long list of industry breakthroughs, Progressive was the first to offer claims service at the scene of an accident, the first to offer online auto insurance purchasing, and the first to offer Name Your Price ®, an innovative, easy-to-use online tool that helps customers choose the coverage package they want at a price that fits their budget.