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Post Update August 7, 2012 – When hearing the term “endangered species,” most folks immediately think of the Bald Eagle, or maybe the Panda (no pun intended).  What you may not know is there’s an internet insurance agency which was recently put on the Endangered Species list. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Yes, was recently classified as a slightly different kind of endangered species.

Michael Dortch, President and CEO of the company since 1992, made this statement during a recent agents meeting at the company’s headquarters in Lansdale, PA. is now one of the last  licensed nationwide internet insurance Agencies left standing of the original few online internet insurance brokers established at the dawning of the internet.”

Internet Insurance Agencies

Dortch went on to say, “Just like in the 1970’s as Americans proudly referred to Gordon (Gordo) Cooper as “the last of the original 7 NASA Mercury Program Astronauts,” is the last of a dozen or so different internet insurance brokers that introduced Auto Insurance Shopping to the World Wide Web in the early 1990’s.”

Indeed, in the online internet insurance marketplace, there are changes everywhere. Although it didn’t make front page news, the largest online internet Insurance agency in the US, Comparison Market Inc., which operated under the very popular website address, pulled the plug on their marketing model last month. Even though they sold five hundred million dollars in auto insurance premium in previous years, they were forced to shut down their sales center due to profitability concerns. But even with its “back against the wall,” Comparison Market easily sold the immensely valuable domain name to an internet lead selling company that now merely uses the name to gather auto insurance lead information in order to sell to others.

Among the thousands of online Auto internet Insurance web sites advertising on Google, Yahoo, and other search providers, most don’t realize that’s holding Company, Combined Insurance Group, Ltd. (CIG), is also the creator of another early insurance marketing domain and valuable keyword. Combined Insurance Group holds a State and Federal Trademark for the keyword phrase “Cheap Auto Insurance,” and introduced the domain in early 1995. This milestone was  reached clearly prior to Progressive Insurance Company to when introduced their own online marketing website on the internet.  Acquired from Reliance Insurance Company in 1998, the domain went online and started advertising its 15 contracted auto insurance carriers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. 12 years later, represents over 30 major auto and homeowners insurance carriers and markets their internet insurance products nationwide.

The most recognizable difference between and the majority of all other auto insurance web sites is something very simple – a phone number. Providing the option of talking to a real, live human being is vital to selling internet insurance products. Although many online insurance sites offer an online form to ask an auto or homeowners quotes, the majority  of these same websites don’t have a local or toll-free number that you can dial and speak to a licensed agent or customer service representative. This is the noticeable difference.  The unnoticeable difference is directly related to the noticeable one.  If you were truly selling insurance products, why would you not have a phone number?  Why would you not want to talk to a new customer? The answer is simple – YOU’RE NOT PERMITTED! Why would they not be permitted Mike?  Because they don’t have an insurance license.  If you don’t have an insurance license, it’s against the law to sell any type of insurance product.

That’s a huge difference,wouldn’t you say. When you call for cheap car insurance at or fill out our online form, your information stays in our office or if we can’t offer you a good rate, your insurance rating information is forwarded to direct insurance writers whom may have a better rate for your situation. You’ll only hear from us  or the people who will actually write your policy and represent you as a customer. With the majority of other guys, you have no real idea where your information may go, and don’t be surprised when you complete one of those online forms if you are bombarded with calls from up to 25 insurance agents who have purchased your contact information.

Your time is valuable, and we won’t waste it. In fact, we’ll be able to quote you a price and process your application in as little as fifteen minutes. With other sites, you may end up begin pestered by unsolicited and unexpected calls trying to sell you insurance for far longer than that.

So, perhaps is an “endangered species“.  We serve the needs of potential customers promptly and effectively offer them the lowest prices from over 30 major insurance carriers. We’ve done that for nearly two decades, and we’re confident we’ll continue to do so far into the future!


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