Is Health Insurance Hiding Inside Your New Jersey Car Insurance?

Post Update July 26, 2012 – With today’s healthcare reform headlines, there are few who are not aware that literally millions of Americans can’t afford the rising cost of

Health Insurance Hiding Inside Your New Jersey Car Insurance

Health Insurance Hiding Inside Your New Jersey Car Insurance

getting Health Insurance through a traditional health insurance carrier. But even if a person does not have traditional health insurance, most private passenger automobile owners with an in-effect New Jersey Car Insurance Policy or  Pennsylvania (PA) , Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), Ohio (OH) and most other states in the U.S. actually do have medical insurance benefits coverage. This is referred to by your car insurance carrier as “Medical Payments Coverage.”  in Pennsylvania , or “Personal Injury Protection” in New Jersey.

A surprising percentage of people who own an automobile and maintain a car insurance policy don’t realize part of the premium they pay every month may in fact defray the cost of their medical bills if they or a member of their household is involved in an auto accident. This obviously means:

Health Insurance Is Inside Your New Jersey Car Insurance Policy

Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection is a part of  a New Jersey car insurance policy.  It pays medical expenses which are as a result of a traffic accident or incident. Another covered event would include and incident when you are not in a Vehicle, but are struck by one. If you are a pedestrian walking on a public or private street, sidewalk or parking lot and you are struck by a car, bus or motorcycle, you may also have coverage. In many cases a New Jersey car insurance policy maintained in your household will pay your medical bills — even if you are not a driver on the auto policy. The same could be true if you are a passenger in an insured family car.

Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverage on an Automobile Insurance Policy might also possibly be accessed to defray or help to defray the cost of your medical bills.  When an at-fault driver or owner of a  New Jersey registered car other than your own has no New Jersey car insurance coverage in place at the time of the accident or incident. In addition, benefits may be available if the driver or owner of the other car has coverage, but not enough to pay the medical or hospital bills generated as a result of injuries you sustained in an accident.

All auto policy forms vary from carrier to carrier and state to state. Call your agent or carrier for the rules and regulations governing your policy so you’ll know what your car insurance-related medical coverage is.

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