New Jersey Insurance Commissioner Calls For Hurricane Readiness

Post Date June 24, 2012 –  With all the natural disasters which have hit the Garden State the last few years; New Jersey’s Acting Insurance Commissioner, Ken Kobylowski, recently called on to New Jersey residents to prepare for this year’s hurricane season.  The state insurance department encouraged its residents, especially those living near coastal areas,  to have their plans in place to secure their  properties against major storms.   The hurricane season in the Atlantic is believed to last until the end of November this year. The National Weather Service is expecting at least 15 storms for this season.  Learning from last year’s experience with Hurricane Irene, state officials suggest that residents should ensure their safety and must have enough protection for their properties. This goes along with telling state residents to review their homeowner’s insurance policy and to purchase additional protection such as Flood Insurance Coverage if needed.  By reviewing their Homeowner and Flood Insurance Policies, residents should ensure all essential perils are covered.  Kobylowski also called on residents to conduct a home inventory. By doing this, residents can identify the gray areas in their policy helping them decide on which insurance coverage they shall need to add.

The New Jersey State Insurance Department had also suggested separately that residents shall consider buying a Flood Insurance Policy.  It’s vital to remember a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy in any US State does not include coverage for flood. Flood insurance policies can only be bought from the National Flood Insurance Program and their carriers or brokers.  Aside from advocating that residents shall have sufficient insurance coverage, Kobylowski also encourages the residents to take precautionary measures to mitigate the possible effects of these major storms.   You can always attempt to limit storm damage by ensuring storm shutters are installed properly, trees are trimmed, roof sheathings are secured and you and your family have an evacuation plan to the nearest storm shelter.


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