Jingles, Slogans and Your NJ Auto Insurance

Jingles, Slogans and Your NJ Auto Insurance

Jingles, Slogans and Your NJ Auto Insurance

Post Update August 4, 2012 Jingles, Slogans and Your NJ Auto Insurance – “Get more out of now” , “Get in the Game”“We make it Happen”,  “Taking you forward.” “Our NJ Auto Insurance is always cheaper”. I am sure you are wondering what all these phrases mean. Well, they’re jingles and slogans from different NJ auto insurance companies in the United States.  NJ Auto Insurance Companies pay advertising experts millions to create slogans that are memorable and catchy to the public… at least for a while. But what they don’t realize is that after a period of time those once catchy slogans become old and void of meaning. They often get boring and, even worse for advertisers, sometimes make people skeptical of what it is they claim.

Our NJ Auto Insurance Rates Stay Lower

When I was younger, my Uncle Alex told me that, if you’re tired of brown-bagging your lunch and staying home during summer vacations, try taking a closer look at your car insurance to see if you can free up some money.

Well, I did, and it turned out that he was right. Despite that, even back then, the NJ Auto Insurance slogan “you can save on NJ car insurance” has become old, and familiar, it’s quite often still true.

When I got my first car I was kind of leery about the whole car insurance thing. I bought from the first company that seemed to promise the best NJ Auto Insurance deal. At that time, I found a company in the phone book that convinced me that all my car related issues had been covered. After expiration in six months, bearing in mind that my premium seemed a bit high and my budget was getting tighter, I decided to check around and compare prices with other automobile insurance providers To my amazement, I discovered my same company issued me a lower premium for the same coverage.

To find a good insurer, a car owner should first do a simple consumer survey. A consumer survey involves seeking information on users who find a certain insurance company appealing. This can be done by obtaining information from several people who have been customers of many insurance companies.

Secondly, it is important to search the internet. Drivers discuss their opinions and experiences with car insurance companies on blogs and other consumer forums. This information is easy to use and review.

Third, call different Body Shops and Mechanics — they tend to know a lot about car insurance and carriers’ claim paying practices.

Last and most important, visit government websites. Find out who is registered with your state’s insurance department. Anyone not licensed will not be approved. It’s also common to find that the insurance department displays information on complaints about insurance companies and agencies on their websites.

Save, Save, Save on Car Insurance,” may seem to be one of those over saturated slogans in the marketplace, but the truth is it’s essential for a cost conscious car owner to check around each time before renewing car insurance. Premiums for different cars change significantly within a period of one year. even now, as I explain the importance of saving on insurance, I still feel like the announcer in an automobile insurance commercial.

Several years ago I had a Slogan on our Website.  “One Click; One Call, your insured”…….was used by my company for a several years from 2004 through 2008.  An earlier slogan used by  us from 1998 to 2004 was “Save by Insuring Direct

I am not sure if any one is “Getting into the game” with ATI Technologies or still being “taken forward” by Ericson. But what I can tell you is, taking a bit of time to research cheap car insurance before buying it can save you a lot of money. So, it really might turn out that the amount you save annually on you insurance coverage will, just like Dell Computers, help you to “Get more out of now!”

Jingles, Slogans for any product including auto insurance helps you remember a particular company or product for a short time.  It’s only when a product or service is exceptional you will consider spending your hard-earned money.

– Mike

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