Law Requires PA Dentists To Have Malpractice Insurance

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett had already signed the law requiring dentists practicing in the state to carry malpractice liability insurance, on June 22 this year.

The law that will take effect 60 days after being signed by the governor was unanimously passed in both legislative bodies of the state.

The said bill was introduced in 2011 by Pennsylvania Senator Pat Vance who represents York and Cumberland counties. Vance was surprised when he learned that dentists were not required by state laws to have malpractice insurance unlike other health professionals. According to the senator, the said legislation will help compensate patients who will experience dental injuries.

The governor’s office through Kirsten Page, deputy director of communications described the legislation as a victory for consumers for it will ensure that dentists will have the proper PA insurance coverage.

As the bill was still being heard in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, the House found out that around 5 percent of the state’s dentists have no liability insurance.

With the said legislation, Pennsylvania is now the 10th state in the U.S. that requires dentists to carry malpractice insurance

On the other hand, Berks County Dental Society president, Dr. Valerie S. Dieber stressed that the purpose of such malpractice liability insurance is to protect dentists from financial losses, and not for patient’s financial gains.

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