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Auto Insurance Agent Steals From Hollywood Celebs

Auto Insurance Agent StealsPost Date November 16, 2012 – Here we go again!  Once again a thieving auto insurance agent which makes me sick.  With all the new auto insurance new auto insurance websites on the world wide web, Insurance customers should be concerned where they buy their insurance policies.  Regardless if it’s for homeowners or or any other insurance need, the auto insurance agent and brokers out there needs to be watched very closely. Most of these brokers never consider the loss of the victims. All that matters to them is how much they can exploit their customer. Before you give dime to an auto insurance agent or broker, contact your state department of insurance to see if they are even licensed.

 Here we go again, thieving auto insurance agent steals from customers

Getting your insurance policies from reliable agents or brokers is a must so as to ensure that you will have your money’s worth.

An auto insurance agent in California  admits to overcharging  celebrities by hundreds of thousands of dollars for their monthly insurance bills.  A U.S. attorney Stephanie in the State of California say’s Auto Insurance Agent Jerry B. Goldman admitted  to being guilty of stealing  the insurance payments of  famous Actors, Musicians and Sports Stars.  Goldman was arrested at his California home.

Goldman is responsible for stealing the insurance premiums of Tom Hanks, Andy Summers, a former guitarist of the rock and roll music group The Police and others for more than $800,000.  Although Goldman stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, he did pay the insurance bills for the celebrities policies.  The auto insurance agent then sent revised invoices to Tom Hanks and the others to hide the amount of the actual bill. Although he was a thief, the auto insurance agent  did provide excellent insurance  coverage – from auto, property, flood, worker’s compensation, fine art, and even “personal employment practices liability”.  Even with all the money this auto insurance agent stole; his defense is being conducted by a Los Angeles public defender. In his official charges, Hanks and Summers where  only identified by their the initials T.H. and A.S., to protect their identities.  However, the LA Prosecutors confirmed their identities. Goldman’s trial date is on Dec. 18.


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Pennsylvania Health Insurance Carrier Names New CEO

Post Date July 1, 2012 –  Anyone whom follows my Blog read a few weeks ago read about the demise of a Health Insurance Carriers CEO over an extra marital affair with a fellow co-workers wife.  Highmark Inc., the largest health insurance company in Pennsylvania recently named Kenneth Melani’s successor as its new chief executive… Continue Reading

Pennsylvania University Researches Risk And Insurance

Pennsylvania University Researches Risk And Insurance

Post Date June 10, 2012 – In order to further promote and circulate research materials on risk and insurance, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School recently establishes the new Wharton/Penn Risk and Insurance Program (WPRIP).  According to a university press release, WPRIP will promote the interdisciplinary study on the theoretical, empirical, domestic and global topics on the… Continue Reading

Will Supreme Court Find Obama Healthcare Law Unconstitutional?

Will Supreme Court Find Obama Healthcare Law Unconstitutional?

Friday’s Post 12.23.11 –  Since the passage of Obama Care nearly 13 months ago, both private business concerns and state governments all over the United States have been looking for a way out of participating the  highly unpopular and costly Health Insurance Program.  Although the majority of the program’s provisions have not gone into effect,… Continue Reading

Employers Look Hard At Health Insurance Exchanges for 2014

Employers Look Hard At Health Insurance Exchanges for 2014

Wednesday’s Post 11/9/11 –   Towers Watson, a leading Global Professional Services Company, recently carried out a survey to assess the impact of Insurance Exchanges which are set to open their doors in 2014.  Ron Fontanetta and Randall Abbott, Senior Healthcare Consulting Leaders at the company; conducted the survey for over 350 Companies considering these exchanges. According to the report, 45% of… Continue Reading

Billions Of Dollars Lost In Form Of Insurance Claims Due To Errors

 The American Medical Association (AMA) has discovered significant errors in payments of insurance claims according to their latest National Health Insurer Report Card which was  release yearly. In their report, the AMA estimated health insurance carriers pay 20 percent more –about $17 billion –in claims as a result of errors. 2011 has seen the error rate… Continue Reading

Three Dates Set For PA’s Health Exchange Program Discussions

Three forums are set to be held in August by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department in a bid to get public opinion on health insurance exchanges. Different locations have been set across the state where the forums will take place. The first one slated for Aug 9 at the Doubletree Hotel Pittsburgh Monroeville Convention Center in downtown Monroeville, Pa. This… Continue Reading

Loophole on Health Insurance Exchanges: Authorities to Act

Although primarily focuses it’s marketing efforts on Online/Direct Car Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance and Homeowners/Renters Insurance Products; as it’s company’s President and Managing Agent, I feel it’s vital I discuss topics which would be of interest to a broader base of insurance buyers.  This article is a perfect example of this.  In the latest… Continue Reading

North Carolina Insurers Yearn For Rate Hike on Dwelling Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance Policies

With Hurricane Irene fast approaching the east coast of the United States, we all have a tendency to wonder about our Homeowners Insurance coverage and if we have enough.  It was a very interesting day in the  Pennsylvania offices of  Normally the calls are mostly for auto insurance quotes throughout the country. Today; our switchboard was jammed with calls… Continue Reading

Kansans Urged To Plan For Long-Term Care Insurance

In a press release from Topeka, Kansas, the state Commissioner for insurance has urged the state’s residents to look into long-term care insurance as they struggle to get out of economic hardships. Most Kansans are currently looking at funding for future financial obligations such as saving for retirement rather than saving for short term needs. The Commissioner reiterated the… Continue Reading