Little Change In the Number of Uninsured Cars In Texas

It is clear now that only 80 percent of motorists using Texas roads have Texas State Auto Insurance, even after the launch of  the Car Insurance verification program for uninsured cars on the Texas roadways.  There has been  no notable reduction in the numbers of uninsured vehicles since the introduction of TexasSure in 2008 across the state.

The program was rolled out in order to deter motorists from driving without  the states minimum liability insurance coverage limits. There are some parts of the state such as Dallas County where nearly 25 % of motorists or higher are not covered. The report revealed those who comply with the insurance laws end up spending at least $ 1 billion annually on optional coverage to protect themselves from the uninsured motorists. The report further stated that, TexasSure, has  made vehicle registration easier to verify if the Car is insured or not. According to an official at the  Texas State Department of Insurance, the program would require more time in order to show more positive results.

County  and law enforcement officials within the State can use the programs Auto Insurance database to track and send notifications to owners of vehicles which do not have auto coverage insurance. The officials are able to substantiate whether a car has been covered or not. Those who fail to comply could be made to pay stiff penalties. The fine for first time offenders ranges between $175 and $350 while fines for repeat offenders could be anything between $ 350 and $1000. The latter group would also have their drivers licenses suspended, and pay an annual surcharge of $250 for the next three years. If the vehicle is impounded, the owner would have to part with $133 for the trouble and a daily rate of $21.65 for each day the car remains in the impound yard.

Despite these tough measures which have been put in place, the number of Texas drivers without Auto Insurance still remains high as some motorists stop paying their insurance premiums as soon as they receive their updated insurance cards. According to Hagins, even other states which have been able to deal with this problem effectively took time to do it, but his department would require to be granted some legal leeway in order to achieve this. Pennsylvania, the third largest auto insurance market in the US started dealing with this issue in the early 1990’s.’s home office is located in PA.  When the State Police and the PA Dept of Transportation started cracking down on it’s drivers, the agents of InsureDirect did everything they could to assist the customers comply with the new state law.  First and foremost, we did our best to provide the lowest prices on Pennsylvania’s State Minimum Insurance Coverage.  We have made this very same commitment to the drivers in the State of Texas.


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