Looking for ‘Top Safety Pick’ Cars?

Careful and looking for the newest car that would be the most secured? Then this particular post might be able to help you.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has been rating cars as to what is the most secured, with the ratings based on the cars’ performance at auto insurance crash testing. Just recently, the IIHS has released its “Top Safety Pick” for cars modeled for year 2013.

Topping the IIHS ratings is Chrysler’s Dodge Part 2013 model which the American automaker is hoping to be a top-seller cum next year.

The other bests on the Top Safety Picks include Subaru XV Crosstrek hatchback, Hyundai’s Santa Fe, the midsize luxury sedan Lexus ES 350.

Surprisingly, only four of the 2013 models have been included in the list.

By being included in the IIHS Top Safety Picks, this means that these cars have fared well in the IIHS crash tests. These tests gauged these cars performance on impacts at their front, rear and sides. They were also tested on rollovers.

In 2011, the IIHS testing covered 180 vehicles and 132 of them got IIHS’s designation for Top Safety Pick. But for this year, according to IIHS spokesman Russ Rader, the list had become shorter as they have made some changes in the testing measures. They introduced such changes as to encourage auto makers to step up its efforts to bring safety further.

Though there are only four vehicles listed on the IIHS safety list, Rader assured the public that this does not mean that they are now more cars that are not safe. This only means that they raised their standards on safety and that there are only 4 2013 vehicle models so far that have lived up to IIHS challenge.

The Top Safety Pick cars had already been in the American market today for a few months and have been receiving a sizable welcome from the consumers.