Louisiana Boasts An Interactive Online Insurance Rate Comparison Tool

Want to have an idea how much would it cost you to have auto insurance coverage in Louisiana and be able to compare prices with different insurers? This news might be able to help you.

Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) had just released an interactive online insurance rate comparison tool last month.

The tool will help Louisiana auto insurance consumers evaluate the cost of having auto insurance coverage from different insurers. According to LDI Commissioner Jim Donelon, the interactive system will not only allow consumers to make auto insurance price comparisons themselves but will also give them more information just within their fingertips. Donelon said in a statement that the system will save people’s time and perhaps money.

With the said interactive rates comparison tool, consumers can choose the different profiles of motorists that wishes to be insured. The rates will consider the type of car, the driver’s gender and age, and the cities where they live. Upon completing those information, the system will then provide samples of rate quotes from the different insurers in the state. The information that the LDI rates comparison tool will show consumers the relative differences between the costs from companies in selected geographic markets. This will provide a better idea for Louisiana consumers to shop around for auto insurance.

However, the prices that may be gathered through the online tool may not be exact as to the actual cost of buying auto insurance. With this, the system’s interactive guide advices consumers to contact immediately their choice of insurers as to know the actual cost.

Moreover, Donelon reminds Louisiana auto insurance consumers not to solely depend on the price of the auto insurance coverage in determining where to buy their policy. According to the commissioner, “inexpensive policy does you no good if the insurance company cannot cover your claim after your car has been involved in an accident.” In this, consumers are advised to get their policy from reputable auto insurers.