Low Cost Car Insurance Rates For Hybrids

Low Cost Car Insurance Rates For Hybrids Post Date January 10, 2014 – With in excess of one million cars sold, Toyota Motor company is the number one (1) top-seller for hybrid electric motor car. Not only does the Toyota Prius hold the top spot for top selling car, it holds the top spot for low cost car insurance rates.

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Since Toyoya Prius holds the number 1 position of the United States a hybrid top-seller, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) investigated the Prius’s hybrid car’s theft history. NCIB’s report showed both the Prius low theft rates and the low cost car insurance rates.  The report studied all Prius thefts that were reported to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) in the last 12 years. The first case of Toyota Prius theft was recorded on September 4, 2001. The low cost car insurance rates for the Prius reduced over many years of low theft statistic.

The data shows despite the Toyota Pius’s growing popularity in the US Car Market, the theft rate has maintained to be exceptionally low and that it even has a higher theft recovery rate. This is the primary reason why the Prius low cost car insurance rates.

Since Sept. 4, 2000 until June 30, 2012, there have been nearly 2500 Toyota Prius Automobiles have been in the stolen. Since Pennsylvania is the third largest auto insurance market in the United States. It’s also the state with the third highest rate of auto thefts.  The top spot is held by California  then Florida. Northern New Jersey near the New York Bridges are also high volume theft areas Statistically, the Toyota Prius has the lowest theft rates among stolen vehicles in all these states.

Knowing a vehicle’s theft rate is one factor that can help you in shopping for automobiles and eventually for shopping auto insurance. Car Insurance companies use risk factors in rating one’s auto insurance rates, and one of the risk they are looking into is the vehicle’s susceptibility to theft. With that knowledge, InsureDirect.com provides low cost car insurance rates for the Toyota Prius and most hybrids.