5 Main Reasons to Choose Temporary Car Insurance Policies

Many car owners are unfamiliar with the logic behind temporary car insurance. Conventional auto Insurance policies for vehicles usually last for a minimum of one year. Temporary  coverage on the other hand can take anytime from one week to six months depending on your preference. Insurance companies provide temporary direct car insurance for both comprehensive and third party policies. Below are five major reasons why car owners may choose temporary vehicle insurance for their automobiles:

Selling a Car- When you are selling a vehicle, it is essential to have liability coverage before ownership eventually changes. This is meant to guard the value of the vehicle during the transition period. It also protects you against personal liability and the probability of damage by third parties.

Temporary Drivers- Your personal car insurance does not offer protection to individuals who reside outside your home. Similarly, whenever you use a vehicle whose cover is under someone else’s signature, you are not protected by the policy.  It is therefore important to obtain temporary coverage when using a relative’s or friend’s vehicle. You must also insist that anybody who drives your vehicle for more than a day should take up temporary coverage.

Seasonal Vehicles-Many people own an extra car that they take out on rare occasions only. You may have a convertible in your garage for summer days, a vintage sports car for special occasions or a snow mobile for winter. There is no need to obtain full coverage for such a vehicle. Instead, you can secure temporary coverage for the short period you take the vehicle out for a spin.

Rental vehicles: Most car rental companies do not provide clients with sufficient third party coverage. Their primary concern is the safety of their vehicle. Any extra cover you might need is usually overpriced by these rental companies.  Such instances may prompt you to go for temporary coverage for personal safety and protection.

Special Circumstances- Special circumstances can also prompt you to take up temporary direct auto insurance. If you have just bought a new vehicle from the showroom, the paperwork for insurance can take some time to prepare and complete. You will therefore require temporary coverage as you drive your new car home. Similarly, when you go on vacation to another state, your Car Insurance coverage may become limited or invalid.  As such, you might need to back up your protection with temporary direct auto insurance during the vacation period.

There are special circumstances that may require you to take up temporary car insurance. This is a short term coverage that might last from one day to six months, with regard to your requirements.  Five major reasons that may prompt you to go for such coverage include: Selling a Car, Temporary Driving, Seasonal Driving, Car Rental, and other circumstances such as driving during a vacation.