Man Buys PA Car Insurance And Faces Jail Term

Post Date June 3, 2012 – Well, that’s not exactly all he bought or the way it happened!  Joe was shocked one morning when he discovered that thousands of dollars had been deposited into his bank account.  Like many may do, he went on a shopping free spending almost all the money that magically-appeared in his checking account.  He bought a dog, a car, PA car insurance and other necessities. This lucky guy is Mr. Joseph Bucci, a resident of Trevose, Pennsylvania. He is now facing a 14-year jail term after spending the money that was mistakenly deposited into his account. The mistake stemmed from a typo error of a Wells Fargo teller who should have sent the $69,300 funds to an escrow account with a similar account number. Bucci’s account which a week ago only contained a $35 balance.

Upon learning that he had become suddenly “rich”, Bucci did not inform the bank of the mysterious appearance of the funds but instead unconditionally squandered the money. Bucci, whom is unemployed, bought a brand new Pontiac, a golden retriever, additional furniture for his house, branded clothes, food, and a round trip ticket to Orlando. He also bought himself  a PA car insurance policy (Not from InsureDirect) for his newly purchased Pontiac. Police have also learned that Bucci spent some of the money to pay off the utility bills for his family.

The mistake had only been discovered after the deposited funds failed to appear in intended bank account.  Wells Fargo then started tracing the transaction before contacting the police. Bucci was then charged of two third-degree felonies – receiving stolen property and theft of property lost. This may cost him 14-years in jail.  His case is being heard before Judge Joseph Falcone of the Bensalem District.  Bucci was released on $25,000 bail.  It was reported that Bucci turned himself over to authorities with only $2,000 remaining from the $69,300 funds that went missing.  A CBS report quoted Bucci as saying: from the start I knew it was going to catch up with me” ; “I just did not realize that it was going to be this bad.”


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