Marketing Thru 1-800 Numbers: Paying For Leads

Note: this post is intended for 800 Affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is one strategy that both product producers and vendors are going crazy right now. Such marketing strategy had opened the doors to new venturing entrepreneurs, And it also have opened the door wider for a product market. And one of the hit today in the auto insurance industry is the performance-based pay for leads affiliate marketing, which many would say is convenient both for the merchant and the affiliate marketers.

Let us give first an overview on the principle of paying for leads affiliate marketing. Many product producers and merchants today benefit much on paying their sellers on a lead basis. As to illustrate in the auto insurance industry, an insurance company would pay their affiliate marketers a fixed reward for each potential customer that would get an auto insurance quote or would sign-up for an auto insurance policy (whatever the case may be).

As in the case of affiliate marketing through 1-800 toll free numbers, auto insurance companies will pay their affiliate marketers in each quotes request or policy sold that was transacted on the 1-800 number exclusively provided to an affiliate.

In this setup, a merchant having a hundred of affiliate marketers would have a bigger market for their product. And on the other hand, an affiliate marketer who need not to do anything can avail of the awaiting rewards from the auto insurance business by just simply signing up to sell such products through affiliation and doing the tasked entailed which can be as simple as that displaying that 1-800 numbers.

Meanwhile, if you think that revenue prospect for marketing auto insurance products is low, you might be inclined to think it again as statistics showed that property/casualty insurers’ net income has been increasing year to year, quarter to quarter. Getting yourself affiliated to sell auto insurance through 1-800 numbers is the easiest way for you to have a share of this business’ profitability.