The State of Maryland was the 3rd state the agents of entered in 1996. Maryland, like many other U.S. states during the 1990’s was experiencing some difficulty providing enough auto insurance markets for its driving residents. As we have outlined in other State Information Pages, Maryland is a statutory auto insurance state. This means the state government requires any registered owner of a motor vehicle is required to purchase and maintain auto insurance liability coverage with four types of car insurance coverages.

  1. Auto Insurance / Bodily Injury Liability
  2. Auto Insurance / Personal Injury Protection
  3. Auto Insurance / Property Damage
  4. Auto Insurance / Uninsured Motorists Protection

***The Maryland Department of Motor Vehicle requires all these Auto Insurance coverages must be maintained at a minimum statutory level.

Please see these minimum limits below.

Maryland State Flag
Maryland State Flag


Before you purchase a new or used car in the state of Maryland, it’s vital you call us at (800) 807-0762 to determine how much your Car Insurance will cost prior to signing a new car sales agreement. It’s very important to be prepared. I’ve seen this so many times in the past.

I’m being very truthful when I say “it makes me very sad, when”……………….

a new car salesman has done a very good job of  providing a great monthly payment for the car you want to buy.  Sadly; most new cars are sold in the evening after working hours. You can’t call your auto insurance agent to see how much your new monthly insurance payment will be. In most circumstances, the auto insurance cost is to high which may result in you returning the car. Insurance agents whom represent Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, GEICO ect, only represent one insurance carrier.  The price they provide you is the only price they have – Period! If you can’t afford that rate, you are returning that car. This will never happen at

The agents at represent the nation’s top 30 car insurance carriers. If you live in Maryland and find yourself unable to afford the car insurance for your new car. Call us, we will find you an inexpensive car insurance alternative.

Be an informed Maryland Car Insurance Consumer. Before calling for an Auto Insurance quote on your car or truck, review your current Car Insurance Declaration Page. Although we will be more than happy to explain any coverage question you have, other agents may be only interested in getting you on and off the telephone. Being informed about your Auto Insurance Coverages will be helpful to you. In addition; it’s very important for you to know which Car Insurance Coverages the state of Maryland are required and which Car Insurance coverages are optional for purchase. offers Comparison Shopping. Where some Auto Insurance carriers can only offer you one price for the one carrier they represent, represents 30 Major Car Insurance Carriers. This gives you the ability to comparison shop with one single Toll-Free call to (800) 807-0762. If you like one of the many prices we provide, we can instantly bind your policy. saves you time. Instead of making phone call after phone call providing the same car insurance information to 5 or 6 different Maryland Insurance Agents; does all the work. This way, you can make sure you are comparing “apples to apples” and immediately know how much money you will save. respects your time. When you call other Marland (MD) insurance companies or producers, typically you will be asked Over and over again the make/ model/year of vehicle, number of average annual miles, region in which you live, the types of coverages you want and the dollar limit for each of those coverages, and information about your driving record (accidents or violations).

Ask about deductibles. A deductible is the Dollar amount you agree to pay for in the event of damage to your vehicle (i.e. accident, fire or vandalism) before your Maryland (MD) insurance company makes any payments.

Example: If you have a $500.00 Deductible and the Auto Insurance claim amount is $5000.00; you would be responsible for paying $500.00 and your auto insurance carrier will pay $4500.00

Ask for discounts. To help keep your Auto Insurance premium down, ask what discounts the Maryland Insurance company offers (i.e. security devices, safety devices, good-driving record, defensive driving courses, good student, etc.) and if you qualify for any of them.

Understanding how a Maryland (MD) Insurance company decides what the cost of your Auto Insurance will be. When applying for auto insurance, companies in the State of Maryland evaluate your risk and the likelihood if you will file a claim with their Insurance Company. This is referred to as underwriting. Once your level of risk has been determined, the company will group you with policyholders who have similar risk characteristics. Then, the Auto Insurance company will assign a rate based on the claims history for your risk group.