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Massachusetts State Flag
Massachusetts State Flag

Massachusetts car insurance requirements start at 25/40/5.

This means you must have MA auto insurance in the amount of $20,000 coverage for bodily injury liability per person and $40,000 coverage for bodily injury liability total per accident.

You are also required to carry at least $5,000 coverage for property damage liability total.

If the damage to either people injured or auto damage/destruction exceeds these limits, you will be responsible for for the difference.

Due to that fact, we urge you to check out getting more coverage than the bare minimum when buying Massachusetts auto insurance.

Auto Insurance Companies To Reimburse Customers

Auto Insurance CompaniesPost Date April 5, 2013 – Four Massachusetts auto insurance carriers were recently served with law suits.   The car insurance carriers were sued for overcharging their customers through their legally mandated surcharges.  Those with accidents, tickets and violations even DUI”s were effected.  The Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, whom recently ran for the United States Senate in a statement disclosed that settlements were filed last month with four auto insurance companies;  Massachusetts Home Insurance Company, Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts, Pilgrim Insurance Company, and Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation. The settlement terms with the auto insurance companies the said insurers will impose an audit on their insurance policies in order to determine how much will be refunded to consumers. The payment will be collectively given by the Massachusetts auto insurance companies through out the state. Aside from the refund to it’s car insurance company customers, interest will be paid to all the victims.

Auto insurance companies to return over-payments…..

There may be a number of extra payments paid to the over charged customers.  The Attorney General’s Office will be conducting audits to insure all the misappropriated funds.  Coakley said they began investigating the surcharges after they received a complaint from a customer whose surcharge were already overturned by the Board of Appeal in 2010. The complaint was against Metlife Property & Casualty. The outcome of the investigation showed that in 2012, the Met and other auto insurance companies  did not refund the consumers of  $700 in car insurance overpayments. The case resulted to a settlement in January this year.

When investigating other insurers, the attorney general found that the four car insurance carriers mentioned above are still charging the surcharges. The Board of Appeals in Massachusetts is very much like the Department of Insurance in the State of Pennsylvania.  Both organizations are independent bodies tasked to review the fairness of how auto insurance companies set rates, determine surcharges and resolve issues for insurance customers.  In the past ten years, the Board had already vacated more than 40,000 surcharges and the refunds were imposed through settlement with auto insurance providers. Coakley’s office is still evaluating other Massachusetts auto insurance companies and their surcharge practices.


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Massachusetts Insurance Deptartment Fines Auto Insurance Carrier For Using Credit

Massachusetts Insurance Deptartment Fines Auto Insurance Carrier For Using Credit

Friday’s Post 12.16.11 –  The Massachusetts Division of Insurance recently announced that one of the states direct auto insurance writers and one of the nations largest companies had agreed to settle a fine of $125,000 plus other penalties, for wrongly informing some of its clients that it had used their credit information to calculate monthly premiums for car insurance.… Continue Reading

New Law Offers Victory For Massachusetts Car Insurance Consumers

New Law Offers Victory For Massachusetts Car Insurance Consumers

Tuesday’s Post 11.6.11 –  Auto Insurance Companies must function under a new law which will no longer consider a customer’s credit history when setting car insurance rates in Massachusetts.  This is great news for insurance consumers, especially in face of the current economic times. The move is also timely since the holiday season is upon us and customers… Continue Reading offices Shake From Earthquake

On Tuesday August 30, 2011,  a strong earthquake rattled the East Coast of the US starting in the State of Virginia. The earthquake was so strong that it could be felt as far as Pennsylvania and inside the corporate offices of in Lansdale, PA which is 35 miles northeast of Philadelphia and all the way to Canada. The… Continue Reading