Michigan Auto Insurance: Mini-tort Coverage

Michigan auto insurance is a no-fault insurance. Under no-fault auto insurance, insured drivers are protected from liabilities and lawsuits. This insurance will pay for liabilities to bodily injuries and property damages for the policyholder regardless of whose fault the incident was.

Due to no-fault Michigan auto insurance, insured drivers can only be sued under a few circumstances such as: when someone is killed or seriously injured in which the insured person have caused; if when the insured person Is involved in an auto accident within the state with a non-Michigan resident in a vehicle not registered in Michigan; or when the insured person is involved in an auto accident that took place outside Michigan wherein those states permit lawsuits.

But Michigan no-fault auto insurance has a “mini-tort” provision which outlines circumstances in which a driver can sue or can be sued. A Michigan driver can be sued after an accident if he or she is found to be more than 50% at fault, or if the damages incurred by the other driver’s car are not completely covered by his or her policy. In this situation, you can be sued and will have to pay up to $500 for damages. On the other hand, this provision also means that you can sue the other driver in the accident for damages that your car have incurred and are not covered by your insurance, if and only if, the other driver is found to be 50% or more at fault of the accident

Mini-tort coverage in Michigan auto insurance will provide coverage to those situations discussed above. One concrete example of how you can benefit of the mini-tort coverage is when you figured in an accident and you have the standard collision coverage with a $100 deductible, and that you are less than 50% at fault of that accident. In this event, you can sue the other driver for the recovery of your deductible. Another way of benefitting from the mini-tort coverage is when the person you have sued had lost the case, he or she will have to pay an amount based on the amount of damages in which he or she have faulted. As an example, if the damages are at $200, and that the other driver as 75% at fault, that driver may have to pay you $150.

However, mini-tort coverage is an optional coverage available in Michigan auto insurance. You may talk with your insurance agent or broker as to how you can avail of such coverage.