Michigan Auto Insurance; So Cheap – It’s Fake

Fake Auto InsurancePost Date January 26, 2013 –  Michigan’s Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (OFIR)  recently informed Michigan vehicle operators  and Michigan Auto Insurance buyers the Michigan Auto Insurance Policy the just purchase is not worth the paper it’s printed on.  The fake Michigan auto insurance policies were sold by an unlicensed seller.  The Michigan Department of Insurance reported the unlicensed person who was not licensed to sell Michigan auto insurance has been selling policies being issued through the Tennessee Christian Motorist Aid.  The Individual identified as selling  the fake Michigan Auto Insurance policies is identified as Mervin  The Money Graber. The Michigan insurance regulation agency then issued a cease and desist order against Graber and the Tennessee Christian Motorist Aid to stop “conducting unlicensed and fraudulent Michigan auto insurance activity.” The said cease and desist order was issued last week on Jan. 15, 2013.

Oh yea, the Michigan Auto Insurance you have – is FAKE

In a press release dated three days after the cease and desist on Jan. 18, 2013, the Michigan Department of Insurance advised those who may have purchased a fake Michigan Auto Insurance Policy.  They were  notified they currently are driving without insurance coverage. They were further encouraged to shop and purchase a new Michigan auto insurance policy from a licensed Michigan Insurance Agent.

Before buying  Michigan auto insurance, drivers must know first if the insurance agent or agency selling insurance maintains the proper license to engage in such practice. Any one whom wants to sell Michigan Auto Insurance must maintain a Property and Casualty Insurance License.  The same license is required in every US States.  There’s a very way to check whether an individual is licensed or an agency or insurance company is licensed to write insurance policies in Michigan.  In Michigan;  visit the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs’ website and take a look on the its list of regulated insurance entities. The same is for the other 49 other states.


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