Michigan Auto Insurance: What To Know About Your Car Insurance Policy

Michigan Auto InsurancePost Date August 30, 2012 –  Anyone whom wants to register a car or light truck in the State of Michigan is required to purchase Michigan Auto Insurance.  I know my Blog Posts are not the most interesting.  Although I have outlined the auto insurance requirement in many of our US States; I really can’t promise today’s Blog about Michigan Auto Insurance will be anymore interesting.  With that said; here is some basic information you must know before buying an auto insurance policy in the state of Michigan.

As I stated previously; Michigan auto insurance is mandatory for all motorized vehicles registered in the state.  If you are caught by law enforcement driving without having a Michigan auto insurance policy or you allow someone drive your uninsured car – you can be subject to lawsuits, fines, jail time or possibly all of those three. Of course your assets are in jeopardy as well.  Anyone who thinks they don’t own anything and driving without Michigan Auto Insurance has no consequences; think again.  Your weekly payroll check and your future earnings are at risk.  If you hurt someone or damage their property driving without Michigan auto insurance, your future earnings can be attached my a Michigan Court.  Although I have not seen it happen in Michigan, I have seen it happen time and time again in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio.

Michigan Auto Insurance Coverage Types

What the mandatory amount of Michigan Auto Insurance  you need to buy in Michigan?

There are three basic auto insurance coverages a Michigan State vehicle owner must maintain.

1. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Personal Injury Protection will provide cover for all necessary medical expenses you need if you sustained injuries in an auto accident.

2. Property Protection (PPI) Property Protection insurance will have your auto insurer pay up to the amount of $1 million for damages your vehicle may cause to other people’s properties in Michigan. These properties is not only limited to other people’s vehicles but as well as buildings, fences and other infrastructures.

3. Residual Bodily Injury (RBI)  Property Damage Liability Insurance (PD) Residual Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability will pay for cost of defending you against lawsuits and damages in the event that you will be held liable for an auto accident. The maximum amount that your insurer will pay for will vary on the amount of coverage you have purchased in your policy. The minimum limits of coverage mandated in the state of Michigan for this type of insurance is $20,000 per person injured or killed in an accident, $40,000 for all persons injured or killed in an accident, and $10,000 for property damages incurred by your vehicle in other states outside of Michigan.

Although you are only required to comply with the state’s minimum Michigan Auto Insurance requirements, keep in mind you can add or buy additional coverage for your policy like Uninsured Motorists Insurance, Physical Damage Insurance (Collision and Comprehensive).  As a Michigan insurance consumer, it is your prerogative to buy Michigan auto insurance with higher limits than the set minimum in the state.  By buying higher insurance limits, you provide yourself and your assets with better coverage and superior protection. To learn more about Michigan Auto Insurance or to receive a quote for any state, call (800) 807-0762.


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