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Michigan Auto Insurance

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Michigan car insurance requirements start at 20/40/10.

This means you must have MI auto insurance MI the amount of $20,000 coverage for bodily injury liability per person and $40,000 coverage for bodily injury liability total per accident.




You are also required to carry at least $10,000 coverage for property damage liability total.

If the damage to either people injured or auto damage/destruction exceeds these limits, you will be responsible for for the difference.

Due to that fact, we urge you to check out getting more coverage than the bare minimum when buying Michigan auto insurance.

Deer Auto Collisions In West Virginia Is Nations Highest

auto deer collisionPost Date July 21, 2014 – Although West Virginia is known as The Mountain State, it also holds the distinction of having the highest rate for deer auto collisions. This means that when you are driving the streets and highways of West Virginia,  auto deer collisions are consistently higher than any other state in the United States.

For the last 7 years,  West Virginia holds this distinction based on the data collected on the number of Deer Auto Collisions insurance claims data compiled by State Farm Insurance Company.  Based on the State Farm report, deer-auto collisions in The Mountain State are 1-in-48. Deer Auto Collisions in the rest of the United States is 1-in-183.  What is more surprising is that collision and comprehensive auto insurance claims involving deer-related claims have increased in  the past four years, compared to the other type of claims including weather, fire, vandalism, etc.

Aside from West Virginia, other states have also showed an increase of the rate for chances of deer auto collisions. 

A spokesman for State Farm recently stated, “I think it’s interesting that, in the context of those other types of claims, deer claims are increasing”.  The spokesman also said that the trend of lowering accidents does not apply to deer auto collisions.  Aside from West Virginia, other states have also showed an increase of the rate for chances of deer auto collisions. These states are South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan and’s home state Pennsylvania.  Although Pennsylvania and Ohio are simular, the state of Ohio’s deer auto collisions dropped by a little over 2% in 2012 over the previous year – 2011. Michigan reported a 4 % drop on its number of deer-auto crashes. The Michigan Deer Crash Coalition had reported earlier that the deer-related crashes have resulted to 1,464 people injured, and eight dead in 2013.

New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam Uses Telephone

  Post Date December 22, 2013 – New Mexico Law Enforcement is advising their residents to be wary of a New Mexico Auto Insurance Scam.  The scam involves residents receiving getting a telephone call from a New Mexico Auto Insurance agent offering inexpensive New Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage.  In actuality, the caller is a con… Continue Reading

PIP Insurance In Michigan May Exclude Seniors

Post Date December 4, 2013 – PIP Insurance In Michigan may be excluded for Senior Citizens if a proposal in the State Legislature is approved.  Since the states auto insurance is no-fault, it requires all drivers to buy PIP insurance in Michigan to ensure that all drivers are covered for medical expenses when involved in an auto… Continue Reading

Michigan Auto Insurance; So Cheap – It’s Fake

Post Date January 26, 2013 –  Michigan’s Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (OFIR)  recently informed Michigan vehicle operators  and Michigan Auto Insurance buyers the Michigan Auto Insurance Policy the just purchase is not worth the paper it’s printed on.  The fake Michigan auto insurance policies were sold by an unlicensed seller.  The Michigan Department… Continue Reading

Allstate Auto Insurance “Drive-Wise” Popularity Growing

Post Date October 13, 2012 –  Allstate Auto Insurance sells one of the most popular Car Insurance Products in the United States.  Although you may not be aware, Allstate auto insurance owns a number of other popular car insurance companies. Both myself and my agents represent  2 Allstate owned insurance carriers.  As hundreds of our… Continue Reading

Michigan Auto Insurance: What To Know About Your Car Insurance Policy

Post Date August 30, 2012 –  Anyone whom wants to register a car or light truck in the State of Michigan is required to purchase Michigan Auto Insurance.  I know my Blog Posts are not the most interesting.  Although I have outlined the auto insurance requirement in many of our US States; I really can’t… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Carriers Target Car Theft In Michigan

Auto Insurance Carriers Target Car Theft In Michigan

Post Date 2.27.2013 – The number of  Grand Theft Auto cases in Michigan has dropped in recent months.  According to the Michigan Auto Theft Prevention Authority, auto theft has dropped by an amazing 10%.  The  number of stolen cars dropped from 29K to 26K.  These improvements are credited by efforts of state agencies whom have… Continue Reading

Allstate Car Insurance Found Not Liable For Customers Broken-Ankle Claim

Allstate Car Insurance Found Not Liable For Customers Broken-Ankle Claim

In a 4 to 3 vote,. The case hinged on how a person get out of his or her car and whether  the car door is attached to the vehicle or a part of the entire automobile its self. The plaintiff in the law suit against Allstate Car Insurance was awarded a large cash payment in accordance with Michigan’s zero fault system. The women was getting ready to leave for… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Accident Claims Climbing For The First Time In Years

Auto Insurance Accident Claims Climbing For The First Time In Years

Wednesday’s Post 1.4.12 – Yes it’s true; car insurance accident claims are at an all time high and will continue to climb through 2012. Reports show this Car Accident Claims trend really started in late 2010 and will continue through 2015. Industry reports examines information from several state and local agencies and uses these results to figure trends in the payment of accident claims both state-by-state and… Continue Reading

State Farm Car Insurance Policy Rates For Michigan Drivers Increase

State Farm Car Insurance Policy Rates For Michigan Drivers Increase

Sunday’s Post 1.1.12 –  State Farm clients in Michigan face increases in their car insurance rates in 2012. January 23rd, the auto insurance carrier will elevate rates for personal car insurance policy rates  2%.  The price of property damage, collision coverage and comprehensive insurance rates will go up for some clients, but may decrease for some others. The cost of the State mandatory Portions… Continue Reading