Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance: Who does it cover?

Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance is being required among vehicle owners in the Great Lakes State. Driving a vehicle or letting your vehicle be driven without no-fault auto insurance would be in violation of state laws.

Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance has been instituted to protect Michigan residents against financial difficulties after experiencing an auto accident. This insurance will pay the insured for medical expenses, wage loss benefits, and the injuries and damages their vehicle can caused to other parties and their properties. No-fault insurance will pay for such losses regardless of who caused the incident.

Who are covered in your No-Fault Auto Insurance?
Your Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance does not only provide coverage to yourself. It also covers your family or your entire household, and that it will even pay for personal injury benefits to a member of your family who had been injured while being a passenger to another car or have been hurt as a pedestrian in an auto accident.

This auto insurance will also pay for personal injuries to people who do not have the no-fault policy and have been injured while being a passenger in your car, or a pedestrian that has been hurt in an accident involving your insured vehicle.

What does your No-Fault Auto Insurance pays for?
Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance consists of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to provide coverage for injuries, Property Protection (PP) to provide coverage of up to $1 million to damages that your car may inflict to properties within the state and a maximum of $10,000 to property damage outside Michigan, and the Residual Liability Insurance – Bodily Injury and Property Damage to protect you from lawsuits due to injuries and property damage your vehicle may cause. PIP insurance does not only pay for the medical expenses of those people injured, it also pays for in the event that someone died during the auto accident wherein your insured vehicle is involved.