Mississippi Passes Laws To Track Those Without Car Insurance

Post Date February 22, 2012  –  The State of Mississippi is establishing a Car Insurance database.  This resource will assist the Mississippi government track down those drivers whom refuse to maintain Car Insurance.   According to the  Auto Insurance Research Council, Mississippi drivers are known for driving in the state without car insurance coverage. In 2009, a study showed that nearly 30% of drivers in the state had no auto insurance coverage. This is twice the national average.

To deal with this issue, a bill in 2011 to establish a database which would track a registered vehicles with auto insurance policy information. Once the law is passed by legislators, the governor will ratify it accordingly. The legislation will have the following ramifications on Magnolia state motorists:

  • Before registering their cars, drivers will have to verify their auto insurance policy status through the database.
  • Law enforcement agencies will have ongoing access to the database. Thus, they can confirm drivers’ insurance status instantly, when someone is pulled over for traffic offenses.
  • The database will be updated daily to ensure the information is accurate and law enforcement does not need to rely on insurance ID Cards.
  • Drivers whom operate an automobile without insurance will be required to pay a fine. Failure to respond to a ticket will result in suspension of you driving privileges.
  • Fines for driving without auto insurance coverage will result in a fine of $300 to $500.


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