Motorcycle Accidents More Frequent Than Car Crashes

Motorcycle AccidentPost Date October 9, 2012 –  The most recent data available for motorcycle accidents from the U.S. Department of Transportation shows fatal motorcycle accidents are more frequent to four-wheel cars and trucks. 58 in every 100,000 registered motorcycles have been involved in a fatal crash .  This is compared to only 13 in every 100,000 passenger cars and trucks. Although you may disagree with me, but these statistics alone are proof enough the purchase of  motorcycle insurance coverage is so very important. The risks of having a serious accident while on a motorcycle is undeniable. The  higher than normal risk that you will sustain serious if not fatal injuries compared to when you are in four-wheel closed vehicle is profound.  In 2010, over 80,000 people were injured due to motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are obviously less stable than cars and trucks.  Further, motorcycles are much also less visible to pedestrians and drivers all other vehicles and much more exposed to road and weather hazards.

Fatal motorcycle accidents 40% higher than auto crashes

Speeding accounts to the most number of motorcycle accidents in the United States.  Motorcycle accidents are nearly 40% higher than  passenger cars.  Purchasing a motorcycle insurance policy is and will always be wise decision for you to protect yourself against injuries and assets against loss. Buying a motorcycle insurance policy is very easy. Most US States make it mandatory to purchase Motorcycle Financial Responsibility if you operate a registered motorcycle on the streets and highways of that state. The only US States which do not require you purchase motorcycle insurance are the states of  Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, and Washington.

If you call our office at (800) 807-0762, we can sell you a full coverage motorcycle policy from one of our many insurance carriers.  We have a comprehensive Harley Davidson MotorCycle Insurance Programs through Dairyland Insurance.  We have other motorcycle insurance programs available through Progressive Insurance, GMAC Insurance, Travelers Insurance and Titan Insurance Company.  Titan Insurance Company is a division of Nationwide Insurance Company.


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