Multi-Policy Discounts – Over Rated By Those Receiving Just An Auto Insurance Quote

Saturday’s Post January 21, 2012 –  In 2010 – 2011; everyday folks whom received both an auto insurance quote and homeowners insurance quotes online showed much  less interest in the multi-policy discount provided by most insurance carriers than how much they could saved on purchasing their policies separately.  Survey’s show that less than 1/2 of all homeowners have a  package home and car insurance carrier discount. This number is down from 54% of all Auto and Homeowners insurance customers per a report from a few leading homeowners insurance carriers. Visitors to internet auto insurance quote sites which also sells homeowners insurance exclusively, proved a limited level of interest in package discount. These insurance buyers were more interested in getting a reasonable price on their homeowners insurance. This is despite the fact that a homeowners insurance monthly premium is normally is cheaper when combined with another like an auto insurance quote.

The national average on an annual homeowners insurance premium amounts is about $660. Many of your Big-Box insurance companies like Allstate Insurance, State Farm Insurance and even now Progressive Insurance have multi-policy programs which provide healthy discounts for both packaging the premium for their  home and the auto insurance quote into one easy monthly payment. These discounts can save you from 15% to 20% a year. Insurance companies can package more than a home and auto.  They can even include insurance for a families Motor Home, Boat, Snow mobile,  jet-skis for a single low monthly payment.


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