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Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance

After an person chooses a career in the Auto Insurance Industry and has passed the detailed state Property & Casualty Insurance exam, new P&C Agents will become one of two different types of Auto Insurance Agent: Independent or Captive.
Whether you become an Independent or Captive Agent depends on the type of Auto Insurance carrier you go to work for. Some auto insurance carriers operate an agency system where the agents under their control sell auto insurance specifically for that one auto insurance carrier only. This would be referred to as a “Captive Agency.”

A perfect example of a Captive Agency system would be the State Farm Insurance Company. Although State Farm is a fine company offering superior products and service, when an insurance shopper receives an Auto Insurance Quote from a State Farm Agent, the agents employment contract restricts that agent to providing auto insurance quotes for State Farm Insurance Company exclusively.

Other Auto Insurance companies like Nationwide Insurance Company are very smart and employ both the Independent and Captive Agency System within their corporate structure.

Of course; you can call a Captive Nationwide Insurance Agent and received a Nationwide Auto Insurance Quote, but what many people don’t realize is that Nationwide Insurance Company also owns a few Independent Agency Insurance Companies. Victoria Insurance Company and Titan Insurance Company are both owned by Nationwide Insurance Company and offer independent agents the opportunity to represent a carrier component of the Nationwide Insurance Family., a national Independent agent, represents both of the non-captive Nationwide Insurance companies – Victoria and Titan Insurance.

Both of these Nationwide Insurance Companies offer superior pricing and service, and representing both Victoria and Titan gives the opportunity to be proudly part of the Nationwide Insurance Company Family, and to include their insurance offerings in the low cost insurance quotes we generate whey you are shopping for car insurance.

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