Nationwide Ranks First On Least-Complained Insurers List in New York

As I have made mention on numerous occations, represents all 30 Major car insurance carriers marketing auto & homeowners in the United States.  Although we don’t represent Nationwide Insurance Company directly; we represent and market a number of auto insurance carriers which are owned by Nationwide Insurance Company. Nationwide Insurance Company is known as a captive insurance carrier.  Meaning, Property & Casualty Insurance Agents which represent the Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance and Commercial Car Insurance products Nationwide Insurance Company sell can only represent Nationwide. is an independent insurance agency.  Independent Insurance Agencies like can represent any insurance carrier they want as long as that company offers an independent agency appointment contract.

According to the newly released ranking of one hundred sixty seven companies by the state’s department, Insurer Nationwide Auto and Homeowners Insurance Company ranks one in list of least-complained in New York’s ten billion dollars auto insurance market when it comes to personal auto insurance. Among others, Nationwide Insurance  was the largest of the fifty one insurers that did not have any single complaint upheld by regulators.

The rankings was constructed from 2008 and 2009 data of number of consumer complaints supported by the state regulators upheld against insurers which is relative to  the volume of the insurers’ businesses.

The Long Island Insurance Company ranks last and is considered the worst among all insurance companies marking one million dollar or more in premiums based on the number of consumer complaints upheld against auto insurers.  The Long Island Insurance Company hits the 165th spot on the overall list and last among insurers. The company had two hundred sixty five complaints upheld against.

In the year 2009, there were about six thousand eight hundred eight complaints against car insurance companies documented. Fifty four point nine percent of which is equivalent to three thousand seven hundred thirty eight were withdrawn or not upheld. Two thousand one hundred four averaging thirty point ninety percent were ruled as “question of fact” cases, also considered as not counted against insurers. Only nine hundred sixty six or fourteen point nineteen percent of these were upheld in favour of consumers. (See pie chart above to view better statistics) New Jersey Cheap Auto Insurance Rate Quotes, Pennsylvania Free Car Insurance Quotes.

The said ranking will also become a basis of credibility rating of the insurance companies in every state. You might as well pick those companies who have fewer complaints from consumers., with almost 20 years in service, is happy to say that we are one reliable insurance broker you can fully trust!