Need Cash? Try Auto Insurance Fraud………….

Post Date March 27, 2012 – When you read a sad news story about a women whom what hit by a car, you automatically feel sympathy for that person.  Recently that very thing happened to a New Jersey  pedestrian.  As she stepped off  of the curb a car pulled came around the corner and struck the woman. All though she was knocked to ground and suffered bumps & bruises, she refused to be taken to the hospital and left the scene before the police could get her name for the police report.  The same day the women returned to work and failed to mention to her co-workers she was involved in a car accident.  I know what you’re thinking, she was already to file an auto insurance accident claim.

A few days later, the women claimed she slipped and fell and could not return to work. The following day she files a Workers Compensation Insurance Claim.  Although she went to see the company doctor and beyond a few bruises, the doctor could not find anything wrong. The following week the women sought the advice of a lawyer. It was quite remarkable but four new doctors found she needed a brace and was 15% disabled.  A law suit was filed and the women whom could no longer work oddly took a new job at a new company doing the same work she was doing before. The went on for about six months.  During that time she received a check from the Insurance Company and the Doctors treated her for her injuries. Prior to the court date, the insurance company was unable to contact the women at home on several occasions. They in turn hired an investigator. The insurance company received from the investigator a video of the women working at her new job and performing a number of tasks the doctor’s said she couldn’t. Further; they have video of her cutting her lawn and planting bushes and trees.  Faced with these videos in court;  the women was still awarded $100,000.00. The total cost to the insurance company including the Doctor’s bills and Comp Pay was $180,000.00.

In many cities across the country, not just in New Jersey, jury’s are more in tune to soaking the supposedly rich auto insurance companies than deciding cases on their merits. It’s always these same people whom complain their auto insurance rates are too high.  Sadly, the same auto insurance companies have been forced to settle these cases to control the cost of going to court and the jury’s whom don’t decide these cases fairly. If there is one medical term which can describe the salvation of the legal profession; it’s Whip-lash.  The next time you complain about your car insurance rates, don’t blame the car insurance company!


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