New Jersey Auto Insurance Changes Are Working

I’m confident any New Jersey Driver whom has experienced the changes in the New Jersey auto insurance environment over the last few years is truly a happy camper. Over the last few years, it has been really wonderful.

On January 1, 2009, environment of auto insurance in NJ changed for the better.  Prior to that magical date, drivers in New Jersey were forced to live under an auto insurance law referred to as “Take All Comers”. The law required NJ car insurance carriers accept all “eligible” drivers – Period. An eligible New Jersey driver was determined by an individuals personal driving record.  All New Jersey auto insurance carriers are specifically ordered by New Jersey Law to make auto insurance available to any driver with seven (7) insurance eligibility points their driving record. Any driver who had eight(8) or more insurance points on the driving record was only eligible to NJPAIP or PAIP as it’s referred too by New Jersey Auto Insurance Agents. The New Jersey Personal Auto Insurance Plan rates are very high and no other auto insurance plan for non-standard drivers was available in the state.

Regulations which were proposed by law makers and implemented by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) phased out the “Take All Comer’s” rule now allowing New Jersey auto insurance companies to operating in the State and set their own underwriting rules to determine if they will or will not write an auto insurance policy for that driver — regardless of their driving record.

Many insurance carriers have entered the New Jersey Auto Insurance Marketplace to meet the demand created by the new law.  First was Mercury Insurance Company.  Others have followed such as; Progressive Insurance Company, Personal Service Insurance Company and Travelers. represents these carriers and many more.  If you are a New Jersey Driver, I would not be surprised if you may be overpaying for your auto insurance.  A simple call to (800) 807-0762 will give you access to all these New Jersey Auto Insurance carriers.  When we beat your current rate, we can immediately bind your new policy and contact your old agent to cancel your previous car insurance policy. We make it that easy.

– Mike