New Jersey Car Insurance And ICE T Don’t Mix

Ice T did have New Jersey Car Insurance

Ice T did have New Jersey Car Insurance

Post Date  August 8, 2012 – A New York Department of Motor Vehicles clerical error prompted the vehicle stop and ultimate arrest of  TV Star and Rapper Ice-T.  A New York Judge immediately dropped the charges against the veteran entertainer after the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney found Ice T was properly licensed and maintained a New Jersey Car Insurance Policy for his vehicle.

New Jersey Car Insurance  was maintained by Ice T

The Rapper was heard by the media saying; “That’s what I’m talking about – dismissed!”  as both he,  his wife Coco and their attorney were exiting a Manhattan courtroom last week.  The entertainer Ice-T, who was born Tracy Marrow, was arrested late last month after being pulled over for not wearing a seat belt.  The seat belt with he maintains is not true and a charge which he denies.  A computer check then indicated – incorrectly, as it turned out – that the 52-year-old entertainer was driving on a suspended license and without a New Jersey car insurance Policy.  It was revealed after the fact that New York’s records failed to indicate that Ice-T is licensed and insured in New Jersey, instead showing his registration and insurance had lapsed. While there were few consequences for the rapper in this case, it still indicates the headache motorists can suffer if they are caught driving without an active drivers license and a New Jersey car insurance Policy. Maintaining a New Jersey Car Insurance Policy if you want to register and drive a car in the state.  The penalties for driving without auto insurance is severe.  These penalties include; a hefty fine and increase in auto insurance rates.  If you are a habitual offender, a suspension of your driving privileges is not unreasonable.


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