New Jersey Car Insurance Not Affordable

NJ Car Insurance Rates Too HighPOST DATE October 24, 2012 – Close to 320,000 households in the State of New Jersey are living at or below the poverty line last year.  There are another nearly 830,000 households are lower-income residents who have found it almost impossible to afford food, housing, transportation, health care, child care, and their New Jersey Car Insurance policies. Sadly, these needs costs much more than they did in 2011. Many lower-income New Jersey residents are being beat up by this current recession.  Where higher prices just inconvenience higher income families,  the higher cost of consumer products on lower-income families cause them to struggling to survive economically. Inflation alone can eat all up of a household’s budget. Over this last year, we have had more lower income families buy their New Jersey Car Insurance from us than any other year.  Where they found it impossible to continue payments with their previous New Jersey car insurance company – or New Jersey Car Insurance Rates and monthly payments are much lower.

New Jersey Car Insurance is more expensive now than in 2011 

Having financial difficulty is not good for any New Jersey Car Insurance Companies.  Determining the monthly payments they charge their customers do look at the individual’s credit score. Many New Jerseys drivers living in poverty are battling economic survival.  Having a poor credit score with most New Jersey Car Insurance Companies will likely have you paying higher auto insurance premiums.  We can easily eliminate running a credit score if you request.  New Jersey Car insurance policyholders who have a poor credit score since they have a lower chance of maintaining their currently priced policy.

Once item I feel important to point out, we shop your auto insurance policy every renewal regardless of state, record or current rate.  If we can find you a better priced New Jersey car insurance at renewal – we will offer it to you.  If you have been cancelled or having difficulty paying you current policy, give us a call.


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