New Jersey Car Insurance Policy No No’s!

Post Date August 27,  2012 – Anyone whom follows my daily Blog knows I’m committed to a wide range of state specific auto insurance subjects including New Jersey Car New Jersey Car Insurance No No'sInsurance stories.  Although I have Blogged about what is included in a New Jersey car insurance policy, it’s important I point out what a New Jersey Car Insurance Policy does not cover and why.  New Jersey Car Insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or No-Fault Auto Insurance provides coverage to policyholders against personal injuries regardless if the insured driver is involved in an At Fault or or Not At Fault accident . A minimum amount of New Jersey Car Insurance is state mandated (meaning required) by state law.

New Jersey Car Insurance Policy No No’s

Although New Jersey Car Insurance provides you coverage against bodily injury, property damage and damage to your car;  there are some circumstances which you will not be covered. It is important that you understand you could possibly void coverage’s provided under your New Jersey car insurance policy.

Here are some of the circumstances where you could possibly be denied New Jersey Car Insurance coverage……………..

• When you intentionally cause your injury
• When you are driving a vehicle while intoxicated
• When you are driving a vehicle while you are under the influence of prohibited drugs
• When you are injured while you are in the act of committing felony
• When you are injured while you are avoiding apprehension by law enforcement officers
• When you are injured while driving in a race or speed test
• When you are injured while driving a vehicle that is stolen

Keep in mind the coverage’s besides PIP coverage, you stand to lose basic economic coverage’s which includes medical services. These paid for regardless if the medical service received  from a hospital or doctors office. These services include surgical, x-ray, dental, prescription drug, nursing and prosthetic services. This also includes psychiatric, occupational and physical therapy, and rehabilitation services. This coverage will also provide for non-medical remedial treatments as required by one’s religious belief pertaining to his or her healing.  New Jersey car insurance will also cover for the injured person’s loss of earnings when such person cannot perform his work due to the injuries he/she suffered in an auto accident. Loss of earnings can be paid up to $2,000 per month for up to three years since the date of the incident that causes the injuries.This is substantial, it will not be paid if you have done something which is either illegal or against the underwriting guildlines of the New Jersey Car Insurance Policy.


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