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New Jersey Car Insurance Rates Are Really Low

New Jersey Car Insurance Rates Are Really Low
New Jersey Car Insurance Rates Are Really Low

Post Update August 4, 2012 Over the last few months many of the “big box” New Jersey car insurance carriers have advertised all sorts of money-saving promotions. These promotions are merely temporary programs, “gimmicks” designed to urge you to buy their New Jersey Car Insurance Rates.  They want you to move your New Jersey car insurance policy to their company now. The promotion provides instant gratification,  just like the prize in a Cracker Jack or cereal box, but the long-term savings is questionable. My favorite New Jersey car insurance promotional commercial is the one where they say “We will send you a check for a small percentage of your ‘semi annual premium’ every 6 months that you don’t have an accident.” Yes, that sounds like a pretty good deal – and yes, you will save a bit of money – in 6 months. Since there is nothing free in this world; I have a better idea. Instead of waiting 6 months to get a check for a few dollars, how about getting some savings today? You heard me right… today!

New Jersey Car Insurance Rates

If you have a good driving record (that does not mean perfect) the New Jersey car insurance carriers which we represent will offer all your savings up front. No waiting. No gimmicks. When you call 800-807-0762 you instantly have access and receive quotes from lowest cost New Jersey Car Insurance carriers which give you “all the discounts you deserve” today. No waiting for a check or a lower rate next policy period. Keep in mind the insurance company you have at this time is concerned with losing your business at renewal.  Since many of the carriers like State Farm and GEICO have only one  filed rate for your driving record or unique situation.  These companies need to come up with either annual or semi-annual gimmicks to keep your business. As independent agent has the resources to find you a new company with a better rate which you can enjoy now – not in six months.

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