New Jersey, Delaware Has Stiffer Penalties For Uninsured Drivers

Though having an auto insurance policy is being required by all the states in America before a vehicle operator or a driver can drive his vehicle legally on public roads and highways, many are still ignoring these state laws and that millions of drivers are exposing themselves unprotected to risks.

To give you a picture of how large the number of uninsured drivers there are on U.S. roads and highways, the Insurance Research Council estimated that in 2009, 13.8 percent of America’s motorists or 1 in every 7 drivers are uninsured despite the fact that each American states have instituted penalties to uninsured driving.

Whenever these uninsured drivers get their hands on the wheels, they are not only exposing themselves to possible liabilities that a vehicle accident can bring to them. They are also exposing themselves to penalties of breaking state laws, whose consequences can cost a driver hundreds of dollars and in penalties.

The states of New Jersey and Delaware impose the stiffest consequences for those drivers who are caught to be driving without the required auto insurance policy within their jurisdiction.

If you drive uninsured in Delaware and you are caught by authorities doing so, you will be compelled to pay fines of 1,500 to $2,000 and your driver’s license suspended for six months. As for New Jersey, driving without auto insurance will cost you $300 to $1,000 in fines, plus one year suspension of driver’s license and an extra penalty of community service.

On the other hand, the state of Vermont is being reported to have the gentlest consequence for uninsured driving. In this state, a driver caught without an auto insurance policy will only face fines of $250 to $500.

The most common penalties for driving uninsured in most American states in terms of fines are between $500 and $550, next is the maximum amount of $1,000 fines which are being implemented in seven states. Aside from fines, majority of the states imposes the penalty of driver’s license suspension.