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Texting While Driving And Your Auto Insurance

Post Date July 17, 2014 – More and more states and localities throughout the country have instituted laws prohibiting texting while driving.  These laws will make these actions a crime which come with severe penalties for these violations.

It’s important that we all keep in mind the danger we put others in while using our smart phones for texting while driving.

Texting While Driving And Your Auto InsuranceAs for other traffic violations, any moving violation or infraction listed on your driving record can affect your auto insurance premium. In states where laws on distracted driving have already been passed, they already prohibited the use of handheld cell phones and other mobile communication devices. Getting caught texting while driving will surely earn you a a moving violation.  Aside from the financial penalty which comes with a citation, you can also expect increased rates on your next auto insurance renewal.

In the past when having one texting while driving violation may not have much of an affect on the cost of your auto insurance, in some states texting while driving is being treated as the major offense it truly is.

Only a handful of states having instituted laws to criminalize the use of mobile devices while your hands are at the wheels, the states of New Jersey and New York  holds the harshest point-related penalties. Texting while driving in New York can earn a driver a three-point penalty.

A new study from State Farm revealed that the number of drivers that are using their mobile gadgets not just for texting or making a call but as well as using other services like e-mailing, playing music, etc., have increased. The distracted driving report made by State Farm involved 1,000 surveyed auto insurance consumers.

The study also showed that drivers who use mobile communication devices while driving are not only confined to the younger age group. It now applies to almost all ages and that the numbers are on the rise.

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